Nov 16, 2018

For the Love of Lamp Lights - French Market

Happy weekend, friends!  

I hope that you find relaxation, and enjoy rest, this weekend.

Part of Victoria Leigh's birthday celebration, included a sister brunch at the Fresh Market.  I was surprised, and thankful, when the birthday girl invited me along.  I know, I am one blessed mama.  Since the darlin' daughters are not thrilled with me taking and posting pictures, you know I took some art, architecture, and lamp light photos.  I see beauty in each daughter.  And I see beauty in the places we go.

Look up!  There is beauty all around us.

Happy weekend, lovely ones.

Nov 14, 2018


We are so blessed to celebrate Victoria's twenty-four wonder filled years with her!

It has been a different season at our home, and she was all to willing to pick up a cake, and creative candles, for her party!

Part of her coming home was to help me out, specifically.  She has been the best.

Being with is such a wonderful gift. 
Twenty four years ago,
I could not have imagined current woes,
And now, for me, you are here. 
What a gift, dear. 
With roles, for a season, reversed,
I’m so blessed, not cursed.
Your being with,
Is such a timely, and appreciated, gift. 
In a world so busy, you come, and with your mama, sit. 
Thank you, Victoria, you are a multi-faceted gift. 

Happy twenty-fourth birthday, dear one.  Sure do love you.

Nov 12, 2018

Trim Healthy Mama Chicken Satay in a Bowl Review

Welcome to installment number three of:

Audra's Making Dinner!  

I could get used to this!  All I have to do is show up with a bowl and sit down to eat... And she cleans up the kitchen!  She's hired, right?

I took pictures this time while she was cooking!  What an easy job I had...

Looks good, doesn't it?  I had never tried Chicken Satay before, have you?  In fact, I had to look up the title, because I hadn't heard of this dish before.

This was the Chicken Satay bowl she prepared for her dad.  She sprinkled a little bit of a spice on top of his.  I think she sprinkled ground cayenne pepper.  The Salesman likes spicy food!

And look at mine! No extra spicy for me.  The texture and crunch of the dry-roasted peanuts was really good along with the chock-full bowl of veggies. Yum.

And, I believe, everyone in my family used chopsticks to eat this tasty dish, except me.  I was hungry and didn't want my chicken and peanuts falling off my chopsticks a gazillion times, so I used a fork.

Audra is an excellent cook.  I loved that she picked this new recipe out for us to try.  It was good!  Here are all the details so you can try it, and like it, too!

Cookbook:  Trim Healthy Table Cookbook
Chapter:  All-In-One Meals
Recipe:  Chicken Satay In A Bowl
Serving:  Family Serve - Serves 6-8
Fuel: S,  Satisfying
NSI: No special ingredients
DF: Dairy Free

She followed the recipe, except she did not add a second bag of broccoli slaw, because the skillet was already about to overflow.  There were gracious plenty leftovers, too.


Nov 9, 2018

For the love of Lamp Lights - Pottery Barn

The two hanging vignettes of three, were what captivated me; but in looking closer, there are also three more lamps. None of them appear to be lit though.  I also like the patterns of the track lighting meandering on the ceiling.  There is so much beauty to see - it is all around us!  Look up, my friends.  And have a wonder-filled weekend.

Nov 7, 2018

The beauty of this season, does not escape me

All it takes, is a short walk,
And I hear His HOLY SPIRIT talk.

This lovely carpet of gold,
Never, ever, grows old.

The beauty of this season,
Does not escape me.
Vibrant leaves
And flutter to the earth, in such glorious peace.

The wind it blows,
And where they will land, no one knows.

But, against a backdrop of blue,
LORD JESUS, You hold true.

The beauty of this season,
Does not escape me.

Though life's details,
The mundane, the responsibilities, the distractions, want to derail.

People, and situations, can be like the times and the seasons:
They come.  They go.  They have their reasons.

Though not political, it could be.
Just draw the circle around me.

Change can be difficult; but oh, so good -
I hear GOD speak through the shear beauty in my neighborhood.

You see, these leaves do not belong to me,
They are my neighbors art museum; but, on display for all to see.

But will I see? Or go busily, or blindly, by,
And heed the message of HIS drawing nigh.

GOD will soon return.

And as stately as an oak,
HE will peel back sin's dark cloak.

GOD will reveal Himself, in all His glory.
He wins, at the end of this life's story.
HE will receive all the glory.

Oh leaves, you were once lush and green,
How can it be that you are now, not what you seem?
You turn crisp and brittle and dry
And I want to ask, why?
But what beauty I see in this changing and lovely season,
I release, like the leaves, and wait for Your reasons.

Oh, the beauty of this glorious season.
Does not escape me.

Nov 5, 2018

Trim Healthy Mama Chicken Fried Double Rice Review

There are certain members of my family that if they picked the cuisine we'd eat most often, would pick Asian food.  When we go out to eat Asian food, I usually share an entree with The Salesman, and then, we all share an order of Crab Rangoon.  The Crab Rangoon are delicious!

Audra recently went through my Trim Healthy Mama Cookbooks and picked out recipes that she'd like to make when she comes home to visit.  How did I get so lucky? I mean seriously, I was tickled when she sent me the first five recipes that she picked out to make.  Only one of the recipes was one that I'd tried before, it was Deconstructed Stuffed Peppers. And, oh my goodness, we all liked that dish! Even Victoria Leigh, who is not a fan of beef, thought it was tasty when her sister made it for all of us to enjoy.  Audra must've sprinkled love and rainbows in the pan!

The second recipe Audra wanted to try was Chicken Fried Double Rice.  The title just sounds good.  Who doesn't like fried chicken?  There is no fried chicken in this recipe. At least not like The Salesman thinks of fried chicken - like Colonel Sanders fried chicken, or his Bessie Grandma's fried chicken.  Oh, Bessie Grandma, was one of the best country cooks I had the pleasure of knowing.  This Trim Healthy Mama Chicken Fried Double Rice, I think, does rival the Asian dishes we eat out.  Yummy!

Here are the details for the recipe:

Cookbook:  Trim Healthy Table Cookbook
Chapter:  All-in-One Meals
Recipe:  Chicken Fried Double Rice
Serving:  Family Serve - Serves 6-8
Fuel: E, Energizing

I was so thankful that Audra snapped a picture of the large skillet of deliciousness!  The recipe was four steps and,  I had all the ingredients on hand, minus one.  

And here is my portion served over cooked brown rice. This was one of the tastiest meals!  The texture was pleasing, too.  I will definitely make this again.  All four of our family enjoyed this meal!  Four thumbs up.

Mine also has a bit of shrimp sauce drizzled over it.  The shrimp sauce was leftover from an outing to a local Asian restaurant...

I may have offered to eat all the leftovers of the Chicken Fried Double Rice...

Make this recipe!


Nov 2, 2018

For the Love of Lamp Lights - King University

Happy weekend, friends!

I'm sharing a few beautiful architecture and lamp light pictures for your viewing pleasure from a trip to the campus of King University.

Look up!

There is beauty all around us!