Sep 16, 2019

Trim Healthy Mama Lemon Cream Chicken Review

Life is not giving me lemons, but I am certainly in a lemon-loving season! My last Trim Healthy Mama post was reviewing a lemon recipe Boosted Frozen Lemonade, and today, I am reviewing another lemon based recipe.   The lemon flavor seems especially tasty and refreshing these last hot days of summer.  It has been sweltering here in east Tennessee. Our lush green grass is turning shades of brown and the ground seems parched as I water plants and flowers.

Do you like lemon? I have not always enjoyed lemon as much as I do now.  The Salesman used to stop at a bakery in Signal Mountain and bring home a treat box of the best tasting delicate lemon cookies with a hint of lemon icing on them.  At first when he brought them in, I wondered why he'd choose a lemon cookie over a chocolate chip or an oatmeal one? One bite of the deliciousness and I knew why.  We all enjoyed the lemon cookies that came in the bakery box when his sales took him to the Signal Mountain area.  Oh, maybe next week I will try making a Trim Healthy Mama lemon dessert!

This last week, I did not do my regular meal planning and prep on Sunday evening.  In fact, when I made the Lemon Cream Chicken, it had been over a week since I went to the grocery store.  Life sometimes interrupts routine.  So, I looked through my Trim Healthy Table cookbook for a chicken recipe that I could make with ingredients on hand.  To hear The Salesman tell it, he believes I go to Aldi daily, but, I had not been in over a week and decided to make dinner with what was here.  Anyway, back to perusing the Trim Healthy Table cookbook; I don't know how I initially missed the Lemon Cream Chicken recipe that I made this week.  I had every ingredient on hand, so I can say it really is no special ingredients recipe.  The recipe title gives away three of the ingredients: lemon, cream, and chicken.  It is made with the basics, or staples, and me-oh-my, you've got to give it a try.

Cookbook: Trim Healthy Table
Chapter:  Oven-Baked Meats & Fish
Recipe:  Lemon Cream Chicken
Serving:  Family Serve - feeds 6 to 8 (halve if your family is smaller, or make full and freeze half)
Fuel: S - Satisfying

It is super easy - only three steps and the first step is to turn on the oven!

Here is the Trim Healthy Mama Lemon Cream Chicken fresh from the oven, swimming in the flavorful lemon cream sauce:

The spices added the perfect flavor and contrast with the lemon.

 I served the Lemon Cream Chicken over cauliflower rice to soak up all the delicious sauce.

 Add a side of steamed broccoli, and you have a restaurant-worthy dinner.

Two thumbs up!  Make this one Mamas and you will be glad you did.