Aug 19, 2019

Trim Healthy Mama Handy Chocolate Syrup Review

I'm calling this One, Two Steps to Delicious! If you are looking for a quick and easy addition to your Trim Healthy Mama meal or snack, the Handy Chocolate Syrup is your friend!

Most often, I drizzle the Handy Chocolate Syrup over donuts for The Salesman, but the list of possibilities for this deliciousness is ever-growing.  Why not use it for:

Chocolate milk - just add 3 tablespoons to your almond milk for a quick childhood favorite

Fondue - with all the summer fruit, grab a skewer or a party pick and enjoy the summer berries with this fuel pull syrup 

Syrup - on pancakes or waffles

Topping - make a fancy design with the syrup on the top of your yogurt or ice cream 

If you would like it to be a bit thicker, add xanthan gum or Gluccie.

All the recipe details are here:

Cookbook:  Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

Chapter:  Condiments and Extras
Recipe:  Handy Chocolate Syrup
Serving:  Multiple serve - Makes about 1 and 1/2 cups
Fuel: FP - Fuel Pull
NSI: No special ingredients if you use your favorite on-plan sweetener

Delicious and a fuel pull! Amazing.

Two thumbs up from The Salesman and me.