Jul 22, 2019

Trim Healthy Mama Mango Creamsicles Review

Mention a popsicle or creamsicle and it makes me think of my childhood.  The thoughts take me back to my mom's sunny yellow kitchen, and my brother and I waiting for Mom to pull the Tupperware popsicle molds from the freezer with a cool and refreshing treat for a hot summer day. We might have been told to close the freezer door a time or two because we needed to wait for them to chill.  Cue today; the heat index is high and the cicadas are humming loudly while sitting on the back porch under a ceiling fan with blades that look like palm leaves.  It sounds picturesque; but what is missing?  A cool, refreshing treat!

Well, I have a sweet solution for you!  The Trim Healthy Mama Mango Creamsicles!

Cookbook:  Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

Chapter:  Frozen Treats
Recipe:  Mango Creamsicles
Page: 368
Serving:  Multiple Serve - Make 4 - 8 pops
Fuel: E - Energizing

This recipe is one of the easiest to make with all the ingredients going into a food processor and then into the molds.  No chopping or prepping, just easy peasy.  The recipe calls for frozen mango chunks, which I buy at Aldi, and keep on hand for adding to oatmeal. Trim Healthy Mamas will probably have all the other ingredients in your cabinets or refrigerator for this frozen treat.

If you like creamsicles, this treat is for you.  The Salesman decided this treat was not for him.  One thumbs down from The Salesman, but I do find that the Mango Creamsicles are cool and refreshing.

Because looking into the freezer for a popsicle or creamsicle was an anticipated event when my mom made them for my brother and me, I share a look into our freezer, and say:

Help yourself to a cool and refreshing treat!