Jan 12, 2018

For the Love of Lamp Lights - Haywood Park Hotel

Happy Friday!!!

Sharing lamp light love from the luxurious and historic Haywood Park Hotel in Downton Asheville.

They have recently undergone a lobby renovation and it is spectacular! There was so much beauty in the lobby alone.  The brass accents are  beautiful! And this gingko leaf chandelier is a perfect centerpiece to the room.  Victoria Leigh thought the chairs looked like hammerhead sharks.  I have to agree.

Look at the detail of the gold gingko leaves.... They actually match hooks that I have in my office.... This would look really nice in my office... Ten lights behind ten leaves...  I have not replaced the overhead light fixture in my office yet...

I could also use this floor lamp in my office... What beautiful style!

 And look at this three panel gold feather art! It is beautiful!  I could so use this in my office, too!

And look at this lamp and mirror... Once again, I would decorate my own office with these items.  They are beautiful to me!

And the crowning jewel was above the check in desk.  Seriously, this is an amazing piece of art.  The quartz pendants, the brass branches, the natural, yet modern design equals lamp light love.

Look up! 

Happy weekend!