Aug 7, 2017

Trim Healthy Mama - Butterfly Wings Cake

Good morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend! 

The Butterfly Wings Cake is the Trim Healthy Mama version of an angel food cake. And since angel food cake was my dad's favorite, and I've had him on my mind much this last week, I decided to share it today.  My sweet daddy has been in heaven now for two years, and I miss him. 

This cake has six ingredients and is easy to make. It is a fuel pull recipe; however, it is pictured here as an S dessert, because this is how The Salesman likes his!  The whipped cream makes is an S dessert, S for satisfying.  If you want to keep it in fuel pull mode, just top with fresh berries or an all fruit jelly.

I have served this one to friends and they have enjoyed it too!  I would definitely recommend this Trim Healthy Mama recipe.

Happy Monday!