Aug 4, 2017

For the Love of Lamp Lights - It's in the box - or maybe hidden under a bushel

Good morning, lovelies! I hope you have had a wonder filled week.  It's been a good week here. I have much to be thankful to our LORD for today.  Happy Friday!!!

So, this for the love of lamp lights, is a little bit different than most...I have decided to share a picture of a big box holding the new chandelier for our dining room! 


Seriously, I am so excited about this chandelier. The fact that I have wanted it for quite a while, the fact that when it went on sale and I got $490 off the price just made it like icing on the cake for me! It is so beautiful. However, you won't know that today, because it's proverbially hidden under a bushel. My chandelier light is out of the box now and separated into glass drop shapes and parts and chain and cords. There are 554 crystals... Oh my, for the love of lamp lights.  But until my electrician comes, it's hidden.  Wow.  That speaks to me and I immediately think of the song: This Little Light of Mine...

I hope dear friends, that your light shines this weekend.  In the good, the bad, the busy, the boring, shine!

Look up!