Jul 10, 2017

Trim Healthy Mama Chocolate Big Boy Shake

Good morning, friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  My weekend was filled with wonder. Have I mentioned that I like to plan and organize? Probably, several times, right?  Well Friday evening late, Victoria invited me to Bristol to spend the day with her on Saturday until it was time for her to go to work. It was a spur-of-the-moment trip; but it was so much fun!

After arriving at her house, we drove to Abingdon, Virginia to go to a farmers market that she enjoys, and bought fruits, vegetables and fresh ground sausage for a delicious brunch meal that she baked for us while I had fun organizing her laundry room a bit.  We laughed and shopped and napped and planted lavender and had a short visit with a friend.  It was a good day.

Before I headed out the door for my short drive to Bristol, I made a Trim Healthy Mama Chocolate Big Boy Shake - it was delicious! It is considered a fuel pull meal for the plan and I must say, it is my current favorite.  I'm thinking why have I been doing this plan for six months and just now tried this delicious drink?  It does have a secret ingredient in it that is very good for you and I'm afraid if I tell you what it is, you won't want to have some with me.  Each time I've made the shake, it makes more than my glass will hold and I share it with The Salesman or Victoria or a friend who has stopped by.  The Salesman is not a fan of the drink, which means more for me.  It is delicious and nutritious!

And Victoria sent me home with a big, beautiful lavender hydrangea stem and my shake glass (washed and filled with water) became a lovely vase for the ride home!

I recommend the Trim Healthy Mama Chocolate Big Boy Shake! Yum!


fuzzytop said...

Ok Lora - I'm dying to know what the secret ingredient is! Can you post the recipe?


Lora said...

Good morning, Adrienne! It is okra!!!! And it is delicious!

Vicki B said...

I too have discovered that I like this drink. I was very skeptical about it having okra but it is quite delicious. :)

Lora said...


I was very skeptical at first too; but I like it as well!