Jul 26, 2017

To Fill Her Shoes

There seems to be a juxtaposition to life. Sometimes life feels like a dream.  The lovely daydreams intertwined with the reality of life.  The good. The bad. The happy. The hard.

I've been thinking much of my mother lately and her legacy and how very much I miss her even though it was twenty eight years ago today that she went to live with Jesus. I am thankful for her life and influence and I am thankful for the memories.  But no thing or no one can seem to fill the void of a mother's presence or love.

Nobody can seem to fill a mother's shoes.

Over the years, there have been people interwoven into the tapestry of my life that have influenced me and touched my heart in a motherly way. I want to share an encounter that touched my Spirit.  Last week, at a business meeting, a lady I met and visited with briefly, made an impact on my life.  Does that sound cheesy? I mean, we met at the spinach artichoke dip at a business meet and greet and did not talk a lick of business.  We talked children and family and life. We clicked and connected and conversation was easy and enjoyable. When the meeting started, I found out that she was in charge of the meeting...Talk about an impressive presentation... Anyway, when we left the meeting, she came over to me on our way out of the room and drew my head close to hers and shared how glad she was to have met me and how much she enjoyed our conversation...

It was a moment in time for me. A moment that today, as I remember my mother and would love to feel the touch of her hand drawing me toward her and speaking kind words, means much. A gesture of love and acceptance and approval.

We have such power to bless with our words and our actions. There are so many days that I mull over words that have been spoken to me and I struggle. I wonder why some words were spoken. I wonder what some words or actions mean. Not all words and actions are as lovely as the kind lady who drew my head to hers and spoke words of appreciation and approval.

I want to be that kind of lady that blesses with my words. One of my mother's favorite verses was Proverbs 25:11:

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver."

Just this morning, I texted a friend to ask for forgiveness because I didn't feel like my words were fitly spoken. I want to think more before I speak. I want to speak words that bless and encourage. I want my actions to draw others in, not push them away. I want to be intentional with my words. I want to listen to others and keep some thoughts to myself. I want wisdom and knowledge and understanding.  I want many good things.

I miss you, Mom, and I am thankful for you.

I am so thankful for the memories of you that I hold dear.
I am blessed today because of you, and wish you were near.
I want to have a mothering heart,
In each encounter, from the very start,
To love and see in others their best
And let all dissension rest,
Yes, to love and see in others their best.

Let my words and my actions bless,
And keep me from making a mess.
Please let my words be fitly spoken,
And not flinging any that are broken.
Let my words be fitly spoken,
Mend and heal all that is broken.

Thank You, LORD for sweet memories,
From my dear family tree.
My mother's love and life,
Has deeply impacted me.