Jul 7, 2017

For The Love of Lamp Lights - Willow Creek Gallery

Willow Creek Gallery

My birthday celebration season officially ended yesterday... I have the BEST friends ever! For the week before my birthday and for exactly two weeks after, I have been celebrated by friends and family.  It has been such a fun time to spend with those whom I love.  My mother loved to celebrate people and holidays and I have carried on that tradition with my friends and family and I just want to say it was fun! All to often I get caught up in the everyday routine and my to-do list and I love to take time to enjoy life. Thank you friends and family for the enjoyment this last month!   On one of my fun outings, I got to choose where to go and I introduced my friends to Willow Creek Gallery.  The owner goes to France and selects items to fill a container and sends it back to his store to sell the goods.  It is not a fancy store, it is more like a warehouse; but I so enjoy the beauty there. I'm looking up and forward to the year ahead.  I hope you are too.

Happy weekend!