Jul 5, 2017


Good day after the 4th of July to you! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday celebrating the independence of our nation.  Our day included family, friends and fireworks.  It was a good day and I find myself filled with Thanksgiving, reflecting on the glorious beauty displayed in the sky last night. My friend picked (what happened to be front row seats for the fireworks display), even though we arrived after hundreds of others! The display was filled with beauty. And the pictures do not even give an accurate description of the fireworks.  My favorite were these golden fireworks that first exploded big, and then secondly, smaller golden circular bursts would appear and then, over and over in a quick and succinct fashion:

The sky was peppered with circles of gold...
It was a lovely sight to behold

And then I feel my heart,
Tending to it's poetic art:

The blasts are insane.
Such beauty in the sky -
Only for a moment then they fly,
For another 365 days.

There is such glory
In our nation's story.
Such glory.
To a GOD who gives freedom
And invites us openly to HIS kingdom.


Is in and through, HIS Kingdom.

The spectacular explosion,
That comes to HIS chosen.
To break bonds,
And help us move on.
HIS kingdom lasts more than one glorious night,
And promises eternal life.

Why would we choose what is earthly, the fleeting?
When eternity with HIM we will be living and meeting?
We have choices.
We hear dual voices.
We have choices.
To celebrate
Or delay, and find HIS better way.

I don't know where you are today or even what you are facing; but I do know that the enemy fights hard to speak his lies to us and if we allow the lies to settle in our belief system, we will be prone to abandon HIM.  I know this is true daily in a battle I fight with food. I hear others talk of it - the food calls their name. It bids them to come and be filled; but there is no satisfaction in eating the bread.  I know food has called my name and I can say no to it.  You can too.  Press on dear sister.  Press in to HIM. Surround your self with Truth.  Be vigilant and pick up your Sword.

The sway of the world is beautiful and strong;
But it is wrong.

Beauty in HIS kingdom can be found
Daily, HIS creation, HIS SPIRIT, HIS WORD, speaks and abounds.
Though I enjoy a magnificent display,
I want HIS glory in the every single day.

Work YOUR holy fire in me.
Let my life be a display for others to see.
Not just once a year;
But daily, Abba Dear.

Put YOUR fire and YOUR holy desire in me
Yes, and amen LORD, let it be.


fuzzytop said...

Hi Lora - I loved your poem! Especially these lines:

"HIS kingdom lasts more than one glorious night,
And promises eternal life."