Jul 19, 2017

Anniversaries and heartaches and transitions

And it in a seeming blink, we just celebrated 29 years.  I mean how can it be that I got married the same year I was born?!?  Seriously though, don't the years just fly by? From young love to marriage to children grown and living on their own, to caring for my dad in our home, to just the two of us in a very big house.  You see, we are in a time of transition.

Transitions are not always easy; but transitions are necessary.

Are there any of you out there who have already navigated this season of the empty nest? Anyone who has loved and survived well? Any tips, pointers, words of wisdom?

Not all those words in this post title seem to go fluidly together; but it is an honest title for this post and for the week and for me.  It's been an interesting week... And it's been an interesting 29 years.  We have had good times; but we have also had heartaches and are now in a season of transition.

This last week, I lost my laptop of 5 years to a dousing from a cup of spilled water. All it took was one spilled glass... Did I have my laptop backed up? No... I have purchased a new laptop and have had the old hard drive removed and my non-techie self is going to try and recover the lost computer. I feel lost without my pictures.  I wanted to show you a picture from our wedding, so I will post a link here to another anniversary post With A Cute Little Picture

So today is just a short post because:

Twenty nine years!

It's our 29th anniversary.
Love and my man, are still a mystery -
It's our 29th anniversary!

As we encounter the empty nest,
I pray we are favored and blessed.


June Caedmon said...

I'm so sorry about your laptop, Lora. I hope you are able to recover your pictures! Have a blessed anniversary - congratulations on 29 years!

Lora said...

Thank you, June!