Jun 26, 2017

Trim Healthy Mama Crumb Cake

In January I started a new healthy lifestyle called the Trim Healthy Mama plan. Have you heard of it? Have you tried it?  My oldest daughter, Audra Elizabeth, introduced me to the plan during the time she and her husband lived with us. Most evenings after our dinner, and just when I got the kitchen cleaned up, she and her husband would start making their dinner. Oh, the glorious smells that would waft through the house as I got ready for bed. And when I'd try what they made, it was good, and was told that it was good for me, too.

Having lost weight years ago, and feeling like I am always mindful of where I've been, and knowing that I didn't want to go back there, I knew some choices in the area of eating needed to change.  I was feeling tired after eating carbs at lunch was one reason I decided to try this new plan.  Another reason was that I felt I had a sugar addiction.  So, I started on a journey, changing some of my habits into a healthier lifestyle.

It has been six months of eating this new way and I must say, I feel better. I am by no means a pro in this arena; but I am learning much!

I am trying new recipes almost weekly.  I have enjoyed most of them. The Salesman does not always like what I make and he is certain to tell me so.

This last week I made a crumb cake from their recipe book and I must say, it was delicious when we tried it warm from the oven. And the Salesman liked it too! I will be making this one again! It tasted like a coffee cake to me and although it was sugar free and gluten free, it was not taste free!