Jun 21, 2017

It's a New Season

Summer has arrived! It is a new season! A season of warmer weather, days at the pool, and school is out!  Both of our daughters graduated from college on April 29th and we are beginning to embark on the empty nest season.  It seems the last few years have held more transitions than stability for me.  Can you relate to any of these events of the last four years:

Victoria went to college
My dad moved in with us and needed daily caregiving
Audra got married
I was hospitalized for the first time in 20+ years
My father was hospitalized and spent months recovering in a nursing home
Moved to a new town
Went to Africa and left part of my heart there
Turmoil at home
Pet of 13 years had to be put down
My father passed from this life into eternity

As I looked at our abelia hedge (pictured above) and enjoyed the fragrant blooms, I declare that I am ready for, and gladly welcome the new season! I noticed the fallen blooms on the sidewalk and they reminded me of fallen snowflakes (a season past), and I thought of how sometimes in a new season, a season of blooming and growing, how the eye and heart can be drawn to the old. In the picture, the blooming abelia takes up the majority of the picture; however, the focus can become the blooms that have fallen.  And it is so like the enemy to try distract us from the new and try to destroy us by convincing us that old ways are more comfortable, enjoyable, familiar, etc. than new paths.  It takes so much faith to walk out the new without fear.

How like life that is for me! The new is looming and blooming! The new is edging onto the sidewalk that I am walking and it is so evident that the new is expanding. It is as if the LORD is acting out Isaiah 43:19 for me:

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up..."

I want to see, perceive and be aware of what HE is doing!

Don't you just love when the Ancient Words come to life in your life?
When HE, who is Faithful and True,
Becomes real and tangible to you?

When the eternal promise of reality
Is revealed to me, through what I hear and see,
I can repeat and march on:

Faith, not fear, is welcome here.
Faith, not fear, is welcome here.

A new season is upon us -
Springing up; but don't worry, lose focus or fuss,
Because HE brings the new seasons to us!

Faith, not fear, is welcome here.
Faith, not fear, is welcome here.

When the unknown and the "not yet"
Seems like what we'd like to soon forget.

Guaranteed, if HE leads us to the new
Faithfully, HE will see us through.


It's a new season!