Jun 12, 2017


Hello. It's me. 

I've been so sporadic in posting it feels as if the writing desk has been covered with a sheet and the drapes drawn and the dust settled.  As an owner, I've been gone and the once active room, now dormant and vacant.  However, there is a still small voice that calls me back here.... Why? 

I do wonder why? I've gone in spurts and starts, much like a New Year's resolution that is worn out its welcome after January.  Why do I feel this draw back? Well, I believe that it's not me drawing me back; but, The One who created me. Why else would I want to come back to something that I feel like has closed down?  But, you know what? HE is all about reviving, renewal and re-do's.  


So to the two of you who may still read here, I am back because I feel drawn back to sitting and writing what HE lays on my heart.  Life is sometimes not what we envision it to be; never-the-less, it is reality.  Do I relish sharing reality? No. But, I do want to be real. And more than that, I do hear The LORD speak to me in everyday life. I see HIM in the real, the mundane, the beauty and the profane. And then there is that rhyming thing... Yes, I hear HIM speak in rhyme.  Much of the time. I hear HIM speak in rhyme.  

I want to be a part of what HE is doing.

And there you have it. I believe HE is up to something and so, I'm walking back into the room, drawing open the drapes, pulling the sheet dramatically off the desk and getting my feather duster out to take back what has been dormant.  In my organized mind, I thought it would look like this:

Monday - A meal on Monday. I am thinking of a recipe shared here - but not today, of course! I've got to clean and the recipe I made this last week, did not taste good to me. And maybe I need to consider that this is not part of the blog plan; however, I do feel strongly about the next two points!

Wednesday - A word on Wednesday.  I think HE is leading me to share a word here on Wednesday.  I will share if HE shows up and gives me something to share. Sounds simple doesn't it? So I can put it all on HIM - LORD, if you are really calling me back to blogging, show up and share what YOU want me to share.

Friday - For the Love of Lamp Lights. I delight in the beauty I see in lamp lights and would love to just share some beauty here.

So there you have it. 

Hello.  And a plan.

Please help me to listen and understand,
That it appears, that coming back to this keyboard is YOUR plan.
And since YOUR will and kingdom reign,
Help me to give eternity priority, all all else disdain.
For YOUR glory,
For YOUR fame,
For YOUR beautiful, lovely, joy filled name.