Feb 7, 2018

He is in the Waiting

Good morning, friends!  Happy middle of the week to you!

Today I am sharing a repost from June 28, 2017 because as I sat down to write a post, I thought that it sounded familiar to me... Because, here I am again...waiting...and He is in the waiting.  Would you mind saying a prayer for me as I wait?

Thank you, dear ones.

It seems that the LORD is speaking in the theme of seasons with me. Aren't you glad that seasons change? That the heat of summer will be eventually cooled by fall and then painted by winter frosts and thawed out to spring systematically. 

Fall is my favorite season. Do you have a favorite season? Are you ever in one season and truly want it to be over and the next one to arrive? Have you ever had enough of the heat, or enough of the snow, or enough of the rain and you just want it to be the next season?  I have.

Sometimes waiting for the current season to pass and the next one to come is difficult.  Sometimes when we know the next season will come, we so anticipate the new season, that we miss out on the everyday.

For me, it's like my calendar.  Planning and scheduling on my calendar is truly enjoyable to me. Like the seasons coming systematically, there is a part of me that enjoys knowing what is coming next.  Most of the time.  Now there may be items or appointments or events on the calendar that I don't anticipate myself; but it is at least comforting to know that they are coming.

But what about the unknowns? What about the accidents, trials and surprises that come in a particular season and seem to come with the force and repetitiveness of ocean waves? What about the loneliness? What about the hurtful words spoken? Or the words that you wish would fall upon your ears?  What about the phone calls in the middle of the night?  The estranged relationships? The situations you don't understand?  The phone call from the doctors office?  The waiting while surgery is done?

HE is in the waiting.

We are never, ever alone.

HE has a heavenly calendar that holds all events - the ones we have scheduled and anticipated and the ones that seem to come from nowhere.

But, HE, who is The Who, knows where and why and how and what.



Lately, I seem to be doing much waiting,
Hoping, dreaming, and anticipating.
Help me to see you in today.
Help me with the unforeseen along the way.
I so enjoy the beauty of this current seasons blooms;
But do not enjoy when a dormant season looms.
YOU are in the every single day.
Help me to anticipate waiting with YOU along the way.
My bent is to schedule and plan,
And YOU know, I long to understand.
But, until, or if I ever do,
I want to wait, in peace, with YOU.



fuzzytop said...

Hi Lora!

For over 30 years I lived in the Arizona desert where there are two seasons: hot, and very hot. Now I'm in Tennessee and truly love and appreciate experiencing all four seasons.

I loved your poem!


Linda Stoll said...

For sure, I know that God is in the waiting rooms of life. Quiet but very much present. He whispers 'peace be still.'

Thank you for your words today, Lora ...

Lora said...

Good morning, sweet Adrienne. I did not know you had lived in Arizona! Thank you for your kind words.

Lora said...

Hello Linda. So true!