Jun 30, 2017

For The Love of Lamp Lights

Happy Friday to you!  I hope you have had a wonder filled week!

The picture I'm sharing today I had to take with the Salesman's phone because I dropped mine in a bowl of Golden Chana Soup.... And now it is recovering in a bowl of rice! Yes, I am being optimistic!  I hope it recovers!

Anyway, I went to my first official insurance meeting with the Salesman on the very day that my licenses were approved!!!

The meeting room we went to was lovely. And of course, I had to snap of picture of the chandelier, which you can't really see the beauty of it in this picture.  But, I do find some encouragement in the picture: the chandelier in the background can be seen with clarity. Don't know about you; but if you feel like you are in the background and not being seen because of the "big light" in the center, you life and light have a clarity to them, and you are seen! You do matter! Shine, dear one, shine!

Look up!