Oct 4, 2016

Part of HIS Round Table

I had the privilege of being invited to a women's retreat this last weekend.  There were maybe twelve different churches represented and twenty women.  It was an amazing time of meeting together.  I had just returned from a week at the OBX and didn't even think going on this outing would be a possibility; but, The Salesman said it was ok to go, and I am so glad that I did.

I knew one woman (and her children) from my church, one friend from a church we went to years ago, three friends from a nearby church and one lovely young woman from our church who came along to help lead worship.  For the most part though, there were new friendships formed and I loved the fact that twenty women from different church and denominations were there to meet together, no agenda; but HIM. I believe it was the body of Christ represented.

There were times of sharing meals together and worship and an afternoon of free time; but no agenda.  It was beautiful.  There was plenty of time to hear from the LORD, and I felt like HE had much to say.

On Friday night during a time of prayer for our men, I kept hearing the words "Knights of the Round Table" so as I googled it, the LORD brought things to my mind to pray for our kingdom men in comparison to King Arthur's court:

Knights of the Round Table Attributes:
Best Knights
Camelot was their Kingdom
Arthur was their King
Code of Chivalry
King Arthur's Castle was their home
Always flee treason
Round Table because everyone was equal


Prayers for Knights of God's Table:
Kingdom Knights
Kingdom of Heaven is their kingdom
The KING is their King
The 10 Commandments is their code
Heaven is their eternal home
Always flee the enemy the devil
Equal in the kingdom

It was a powerful time of prayer for our men.

During our free time, I was drawn to this little welcome hut and put my journal and Bible in the window and and used it as a table and had a great time writing down what I felt like HE was saying. It seemed that the "table" word was a theme for the weekend!

From young to old,
HE says be bold.

Don't walk out from the shadow of HIS wings.
HE desires to care for and comfort you and do new things.

Is best.

Come up higher - 
You are a flyer.

GOD, YOU call us here
YOU hold us close and call us dear.

With GOD, you are at home.
You are never alone.

A new year, a new beginning,
Sisters, you are winning!

There a no limits, no corrals
For us gals.

You are set free
To be who GOD intended you to be
You are set free

Look to the sky
Don't fret, worry or ask why
Look to the sky

I AM here
You are dear
I AM here

Choose the narrow path
I'll fuel you with GOD gas
Choose the narrow path

Don't get burdened or distracted
Not one promise I AM has made will be retracted
Don't get burdened or distracted

We are different; but so alike
Our aim HIS kingdom, on this uphill hike
We are different; but so alike

No fence can contain 
HIS heavenly refrain
No fence can contain

We are One in HIM
Let YOUR kingdom work begin

You are a mighty woman warrior of GOD
With grace, goodness and HIS glory, you have been shod.
You are a mighty woman warrior of GOD

When you come to a cross road
HE is eager to take your load.
We will be at cross roads

HE desires us to walk in unity and peace
Bitterness, factions and strivings cease.
Walk it out in peace

You are royalty
A lovely reflection of ME
You are royalty

Lay aside anything that burdens or blinds
I am above you, all round, before and behind
Lay aside anything that burdens or blinds

Eternity speaks in you
Because it's what HE longs to do
Eternity speaks in you

You are part of HIS round table
You are anointed, appointed, willing and able
You are part of HIS round table

This is a council of women
Moving in HIM
Council of Women

I felt like HE directed me to some words for the definition of council:
define the overall direction
exhibiting its debut collection

GOD is at work
The tough work, don't shirk
GOD is at work

Walk it out
HIS glory longs to shout
Together, let's walk it out

Hallelujah! We are part of HIS round table!
We are anointed, appointed, willing and able!
We are part of HIS round table!

We've got some kingdom work to do!!!


Michele Morin said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful time of refreshing! We all need them!

Christine Malkemes said...

Good morning Lora. Such words of encouragement to come to the round-table of His love. I'm sure you've noticed that at a round-table all look to each other, direct their attention to the leader and to listen carefully to His instruction. No one leaves the table empty handed. They have the "leader's intent" and the orders for the day. What a beautiful description of your retreat, for the men of God and the church. Thank you for sharing "first" on the Loft.

Jerralea said...

Great post, Lora! I love your analogy with the Knights of the Round Table for our men called by God!

I also had to smile when you said "Rest is Best." One of my best friend's little daughter is always saying that phrase. It speaks to me because my One Word for 2016 is rest, and I do really struggle with it.

It's funny that "Table" would come up in your weekend AND be the prompt for the Loft this week. Seems like a God-thing!

Thanks for sharing at The Loft.

Lora said...

Thank you Michele. And indeed, we do all need them.

Lora said...

Good day, Christine! Yes, good point!!! I forgot to include that one. Bless you.

Lora said...

Thank you, Jerralea. Rest was a theme HE was speaking to others at the retreat, too.

I thought the same thing about the "Table" prompt. For some reason, I thought it was going to be for last week and had something totally different planned - a GOD thing indeed!