Oct 12, 2016

Fall and falling

 It's the most beautiful time of the year to me. Fall weather, changing leaves, warm and cozy clothes - there is so much I enjoy about this season! Since moving to town, we have a large gingko tree in our front yard and unlike our other trees, it drops all of its leaves in one day.  The rain of the gingko tree leaves an area of our yard with the most beautiful carpet of gold.

This fallen-leaf carpet of gold,
It will never grow old.
Such enjoyment I receive from this old gingko tree,
It signifies such beauty to me.

To know that on, or around, November 23rd, every leave will rain down from this tree, is an event I am looking forward to seeing and experiencing. Once I see the leaves are falling, I want to stand under the glorious letting go of leaves. I can see myself with my head tilted skyward as they dance from the limbs to the ground.  The magnificent beauty of a several-stories-high-tree, shedding its leaves at once, intrigues me.

But to know something is happening around a certain time:

I must be ready.
I must be waiting.
I must be watching.

Oh, this is good. And reminds me of the eternal and soon return of our LORD.

It is so important that I am ready, free from sin.
I should be eagerly awaiting HIS return.
I should keep my views heavenward, no matter the distractions.

Seasons in life change. All that shades and surrounds us, sometimes falls to the ground.  Sometimes it happens suddenly.  And we are left looking and feeling barren; but I have found that just because it looks that way, doesn't mean it is reality.

There can be such beauty in allowing old things to fall away.
There can be such beauty in the rain.
There can be such beauty in seeing the old beneath your feet.

Some trees gradually lose their leaves and I agree, there is beauty in this progression of letting go; but nothing I have seen in all my years, compares to the glorious, one day rustling veil of golden beauty falling by the masses in sheer force and completeness.

I sense HIM speaking that if there is something that needs to be let go of, how much easier, to let it go fully and completely, like the gingko tree. Even though we may hold fast to the leaves, there is beauty in the letting go.

Oh, don't you know?
There is beauty in the release, the letting go.
Like the beauty of the gingko rain,
Release all that binds and ultimately brings pain.

Such joy will come when the old is beneath our feet.
Here the Savior will certainly, with us meet.
Let's put the old beneath our feet,
And the changing seasons, with joy, let's greet!

I'm so thankful for this new season. I'm so thankful for the lessons the LORD teaches me in the beauty of everyday life. May you fully enjoy this season of change! May you flourish profusely, even in the letting go of anything old that may try to bind you or bring you ultimate pain.

Go forth, mighty warriors, in HIS Name!


Michele Morin said...

Autumn is my favorite season for so many reasons. I really do find it energizing. Thanks for putting words around all the beauty.

Linda Stoll said...

Hey Lora ... no carpet of leaves around here yet, but there will be sooner or later. The oaks are most reluctant to shed their leaves. But the sky is blue and the sun shines bright.

I do love autumn ...


Christine Malkemes said...

Changing of the seasons remind me of His faithfulness as does the dawn and sunrise. I never thought of our preparedness. Thanks for your words of inspiration and enouragment. Soli Deo Gloria.... Chris

Leah Adams said...

A letting go.....Imagine if that old ginkgo tree decided it did not want to let go, even though the letting go is for its good and God's glory. How often I hold onto things that need to be turned loose. Thank you, sweet friend for the reminder that there is purpose and beauty in the letting go. Thank you for joining us at The Loft.

DeAnna Morris said...

My favorite quote from the post, " There can be such beauty in allowing old things to fall away." So true in many ways! Thanks for sharing your beautiful yard!

Lora said...

It is my favorite season too.

Lora said...

My favorite time of year.

Lora said...

I appreciate your kind words, Christine.

Lora said...

Good thoughts, my friend. Thank you for your kind words.

Lora said...

Hi DeAnna! Thank you kindly for coming by!