Jun 1, 2016

Summer Vacation

My youngest daughter, Victoria Leigh, asked me to go to Italy with her this summer for the month of May…

I am sad to report, that I did not go…

She just returned last night…

From her adventure in Italy…

What was I thinking?!?
Why didn't I go?!?

Have you ever been asked to go somewhere or do something wonderful and then passed by the opportunity?! Only to regret not going, doing or participating?

Well, I am there.  Evaluating the who, what, where, when and why I didn't do this…  I have had some amazing opportunities.  I have taken and seized many opportunities.   But this time, I realize that I passed an opportunity because of hesitation and fear. I feel like the LORD has given me my word for the new year:


Faith to replace fear. Yes, my new year with the LORD, starts this month.  And HIS word is always timely.

GOD is so gracious to me and has provided other vacation plans for this summer;
But because of fear, I missed out on an adventure with my daughter - what a bummer.

To realize that I missed a trip with my dear,
Because I was hesitant and had fear...

Oh dear,
Get out hesitation and fear!

So I say to hesitation and risk:
Tisk, tisk!

I can not live in hesitation,
I just missed a fabulous vacation!

And if I take no risk,
Nothing will ever be missed.

I can not live in fear,
Or constant hesitancy dear.

I don't want to be confined,
To sitting on the sidelines.

Fear can be crippling,
And cause me not to live and sing,
Yes, fear, can be crippling.

A full life I don't want to miss,
So I hear You insist,
A full life, in YOU, I don't want to miss.

Help me to be keen and fully aware,
That YOU can help me to decide and each decision bear.

Help me, in everything, to move at just the right time.
And to rest in YOUR wisdom and to know, that I'll be just fine.

And to not miss out on any thing,
That YOUR good pleasure may bring.

Help me, by YOUR wisdom to act
And not be timid, hesitant or left at the back.

And just as YOU'LL help me to act,
I will also know when to retreat, to stay or retract.

YOU give me good sense.
Help me to move forward and go hence.
YOU give me good sense.

Help me to be able to discern
And from a missed opportunity, to live and to learn.
Yes Holy Spirit, help me to be able to discern.

When faced with decisions of: Do I go or stay?
Help me LORD, to listen to YOU each and every day.

Each day there are decisions, each day there are choices.
So many pulls, from so many voices.

Lord, because of a missed opportunity vacation,
Let me always be found for YOUR wisdom, waiting.

Bless YOU LORD, for an opportunity to learn
About YOUR wisdom and the ability to discern.

Yes, thank YOU LORD, that each day is an opportunity to learn,
I desire YOUR wisdom and knowledge and the ability to discern.

Faith speaks adventure and sometimes, risk.
To fear alone, help me say: Go, you can not speak or sit!
Faith speaks adventure, and sometimes risk.

Let my hallmark be faith;
But goodness LORD, not that I missed out, or was late.
Let my hallmark and heritage be faith. Amen.

Missed opportunities can be beginnings
Of faith over fear, that lead to a beautiful and necessary endings.

My story, is still being written
And one missed trip, doesn't mean I'll forever be sitting,
Move forward, dear ones, our stories are still being written.

Faith, not fear,
Is our heritage, dear.


Michele Morin said...

Thanks for sharing the outcome of your ponderings. It is a valuable thing for us all to learn from one another -- even when we feel as if we've messed up somehow.
Thank you.

Leah Adams said...

Oh my, Italy! I've never been, but have always heard it is an amazing trip. I hope to go one day. Thanks for sharing your heart with us at The Loft!!

Lindsey Andrews said...

My husband and I actually said no to Italy this summer too! I was devastated but there was also was not room due to kids and life. We will get there one day! Found you at The Loft!

Lora said...

Your words always bless, Michelle. Lesson learned.

Lora said...

Leah, I am so glad to be a part of The Loft community!

Lora said...

Lindsey, we will get there one day! Thankful for the valuable lesson learned, though.

Jerralea said...

"A full life, in YOU, I don't want to miss." Me neither!

Loved your post and it just reminded me to always ask Him what He thinks before I say yes or no to missed opportunities. One thing we know, if we are drawing close to the heart of God, what He wills for our life WILL happen ... we just might make the timing be longer!

Thanks for sharing!

Just Joy said...

Fear can be crippling - I know - thanks for the reminder that God helps us overcome.

Lora said...

I am sorry that you too, know the crippling effects of fear, Joy. Thankful that we know The Overcomer!

fuzzytop said...

Thanks for sharing Lora... ((hugs))

Lora said...

You are welcome, Adrienne. (((Hugs)))