Jun 29, 2016

I'll love you with raisins; but not with Amish sugar cookies

I found this jewel in my drafts folder.  It was written 8/5/2010 after returning from Joni and Friends camp:

As we left Joni & Friends camp, the director said that we could take home any of the snacks that were left. As my new friend June, held a box of raisins in her hand and nibbled from them, she said, "There are plenty of boxes of raisins at the table to take home." I am not adverse to raisins; I like them in oatmeal, in snack mixes, etc. But when I saw there was a choice of homemade Amish sugar cookies in bags verses prepackaged raisins in a little box, I wanted the cookies. It was an easy choice for me. I told June that I would love her with raisins - she was welcome to take all the raisins; but I'd enjoy the Amish sugar cookies.

How willing am I to give and love with the things that mean the most to me? If you came to visit me and were hungry, would I offer you the raisins when I had a small store of homemade Amish sugar cookies? A small store that I would keep hidden from you because I selfishly wanted them for me. I might even set all the boxes of raisins out in the fruit basket on the kitchen counter. (I did not even bring home any of the raisins.) But the homemade Amish sugar cookies just might be hidden from plain view in a covered cake pan (hypothetically, of course). They are hidden somewhere else for those dear ones who live in my house that read here and might find out where I've hidden the homemade Amish sugar cookies.

The camp pastor had talked about love and how we give out love. In fact, he had Victoria and I be part of a visual illustration where he gave her a CD someone had given him that he didn't want and he gave me a t-shirt that he had a bunch of that didn't fit him and he didn't want. See where my raisin/Amish sugar cookie thoughts are going.... This visual really hit home with me. How often am I willing to give away something that means raisins to me (absolutely nothing)? But when was the last time I set out on a platter for consumption by anyone, the Amish sugar cookies (highly liked by me)?

I want to love with Amish sugar cookie love
But I can only do that when filled with the Spirit's love
Will I, in times when others are in need
Give them a meal of raisins to feast and feed
Let me love with Amish sugar cookie love
Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, descend on me like a dove
LORD, help me, my selfish tendency, my selfish bent
May I see the cookies of life to me, have been given, not lent
Let me give like Your sweet Son
At the end of myself and sin, be undone
Of selfish, raisin kind of love
Fill me with You, straight from above

Please loose me from the raisin love
That has me tightly bound like I'm wearing gloves

The ones in my family that hear love through words
Let Your loving voice through mine be heard

The ones in my circle that respond to love by touch
Fill me to overflowing and give me Your love quantities in much

The ones in my sphere who feel love through a gift that has been given
Help me to abundantly share with Amish cookie love, abundant living

Let me love people the way they need to be loved
Descend on me LORD, let me wear Your goodness like a glove

You ask me to place upon the altar all to me that does matter
So before You Sweet LORD, I place my Amish sugar cookie platter.


Deborah Will said...

Such a good comparison. I want the sugar cookie.

Jerralea said...

Lora, I love this! "Help me to abundantly share with Amish cookie love." Yes! I want to love with Amish cookie love, too.

Thanks for sharing this at The Loft today.

Christine Malkemes said...

Never thought about giving like this. Thanks for sharing. Gives me something to think about the next time I'm given the opportunity to give. Giving is differnt than sharing. Let's eat those cookies together....

revelation217.com said...

I like this a lot! Amish sugar cookie love not raisin love! I get it! Now may I give it - Amish sugar cookie love that is! A matter of turning from selfishness to selflessness. It's a GOD thing for sure. Thank you Lora!

Leah Adams said...

Oh my! That is convicting, for sure. All too often I love with raisin love, rather than Amish sugar cookie (or pecan pie or coconut cake...)love. Just this morning I was asking Jesus to help me love my husband more and better. I want to give him Amish sugar cookie love, not raisin love!! Thanks for linking up such a pertinent, convicting post at The Loft, dear Lora.

Lora said...

Thank you Deborah.

Lora said...

Bless you Jerralea.

Lora said...

That would be delightful to eat the cookies together!

Lora said...

Bless you!

Lora said...

You are a blessing!