May 23, 2016

Oreo Truffles

We were introduced to Oreo Truffles several years ago at a family gathering.  Since we discovered them, they appear quite often in our home.  This recipe is simple and delicious!

Oreo Truffles

1 Package  Oreo Cookies 
1 8 ounce Block of Cream Cheese, Softened
White Chocolate Almond Bark, Melted
Milk Chocolate Almond Bark, Melted

Crush a package of Oreo cookies in the blender or food processor until smooth. (about 8-10 cookies at a time) Once they are all crushed, place crumbs into a mixer and and add one package of softened cream cheese. Mix until well blended (when no white is seen from the cream cheese).  

Roll into small balls and place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Freeze for 30 minutes.  Remove from the freezer and use a toothpick to dip the balls into the melted white chocolate almond bark and place on wax paper until the chocolate sets.  Put the melted milk chocolate into a small baggie and snip off a very small corner and drizzle over the truffles.  

A note:  dip them in the white chocolate bark one time and let it get hard and dip them again so they are nice and pretty. 


The truffles pictured are ones made and decorated by Victoria Leigh for one of Audra's bridal showers.