Apr 27, 2016

What is your this?

Do you ever wake up with your thoughts whirling in so many different directions, that you feel tired before your feet even hit the floor? It was like that for me this morning. And truthfully, it's been a season of mornings like today.  I don't want to complain; but to share the reality of where I am.

It was in those early morning hours of waking and thoughts whirling, that I heard that Still. Small. Voice.  I knew it as soon as I heard it. It was distinct from the other thoughts jumbling my mind and raring like a race horse to get out of the stall. It was a calming thought that I heard:

"Relax, God's got this. Exhale. Breathe. Repeat. Everything. Everyday."

I turned it over in mind my many times.

HE knew exactly what I'd been thinking.
HE knew exactly what I was trying to do to solve my own dilemma.
HE knew exactly what hurdle was in front of me today.
HE knew my thoughts and the intents of my heart.
HE knew that I think *things* need to be fixed.
HE knew that I want *things* to be addressed.
HE knew the worries of my early morning.
HE knew the list I had.
HE knew that it is often times easier to race out and do something.
HE knew me.

And HE said:

"Relax, God's got this. Exhale. Breathe. Repeat. Everything. Everyday."

How about you? What is your this?  What could you fill in the blank? What do you have that consumes to the forefront of and can tend to overshadow your thoughts? What could go in the blank for this?


Future Plans
Extended Family
Stressful situations
School studies
Repairs that need to be made
Looming surgery
Things that are broken

Could the list not just go on and on? But I hear HIM say today:

"Relax, God's got this. Exhale. Breathe. Repeat. Everything. Everyday."

Hallelujah friends! HE has our this! Whatever unknown or uncertainty we are facing, HE has it! Hallelujah!!!

So when my mind will race,
With realities I face,
I am going to choose to Relax
Because GOD has my back.

I will Exhale, breathe and repeat
My part in the agreement is so sweet
Everything on the list -
HE can handle all that exists!

Everyday HE beckons that I give my burdens all to HIM
And when my mind worries and races, I'll repeat the sweet cycle again.


Leah Adams said...

Such a good reminder for me this morning. I could lay claim to a few of the things on your list! As I was on my face praying and crying over one of them last night, the Lord settled a peace on my soul about the situation that could only have been from Him. He has that situation, and any other that troubles me. thank you, friend, for posting this today at The Loft. It ministered to me greatly.

Lora said...

Good morning, dear friend! The peace that the LORD sends is what I need, want and desire. Bless you, sister!

Jerralea said...

Thank you so much for sharing this today at the Loft!

I especially loved your poem - you are so right, "Everything on the list -
HE can handle all that exists!" Yes, He can!

Monica said...

Beautiful post! This is my first visit here and I can't wait to look around more!

Lora said...

Good morning Jerralea! Your words bless me. The poems seem to come so easily!

Lora said...

Welcome to By The Lamp Light Monica! So glad to have you here!