Apr 13, 2016

It's was like Lay's Potato Chips, I Couldn't Have Just One

When I read the choices for this week's post at Leah's, I wondered which Scripture I would choose. Which one to write about? As I've read over Galations 5:1 and Psalm 51:10, I could not choose just one.

Have you ever been there with the Lay's potato chip bag? You know, telling yourself that you are only going to have one and then, several chips later, you close the bag and return it to the pantry? To me, when I read the chip of Psalm 51:10:

"Start over with me, and create a new, clean heart within me." Passion Translation

and then picked up Galations 5:1:

"It was for this freedom that Christ set us free (completely liberating us); therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery (which you once removed). Amplified

I couldn't pick just one. In my mind, these two verses have a theme working together. How do I do the standing of Galations 5:1, when I'm in broken and needing the do-over of Psalm 51:10?

Both chapters are rich in wisdom. Rich in love, and rich in the how to do this thing called life because truthfully, so many days, I need the do-over of Psalm 51:10:

"GOD, I did ___________, and my tendency is to stay here and wallow in what I've done. Would you please do something with this mess of me? I'm bent over and I feel so many *things* and in me, I can't get past me. Clean not only my feet LORD, clean all of me. My heart is probably where YOU should start..." Lora version

The nine verses before Psalm 51:10 are where I spend so much of my life: lamenting what I've done. Not only did David spend the first nine verses seeking forgiveness; but he felt emotions that I feel:

stains on my conscience
pain and anguish within me
sting of sin against the LORD
pollution of my soul
"make this leper clean again" feelings

I've been there. And to often, I want to pitch my tent and stay there; because, hey, that is the easiest place to be.  You know? Hiding. Judging. Feeling guilty.  Just telling you how I feel.

But hallelujah! Yes Jesus, there is a second half. After the pivot point of verse 10 where confession is made and asking for the help of GOD, these words consume his hallelujah, his ascent back to SPIRIT life:

pure thoughts
holy desires
ready to please YOU
Passion for life restored
Tasting joy
Stand strong and true to YOU
My heart once again thrilled to sing
Songs of righteousness
Overcome with joyous praise
Fountain of YOUR pleasure
Humbly bow down at YOUR feet
Don't punish others
Showing Favor
Protecting wall
Fully restored
Take delight

Glory! Is that not good? The second half, the half after the confession is an upward spiral to SPIRIT life, not the downhill descent of the enemy's knife. Glory! So thankful for the second half of this Psalm.

How about you? Where do you find yourself today? Do you find yourself in the emotions of the first nine verses? Are you at the pivotal verse 10 of saying, I have done __________ and I need a do-over GOD?  Or are you starting the upward spiral to HIS heavenly courts by doing the "standing" of Galations 5:1?

The posture of the first nine of Psalm 51:10 is not standing in my opinion. To me, the posture of the first nine is:

bent over
trying to clean my self
painful grimaces
head and neck hanging
looking to the ground
curled up in a ball

I can also see the word pictures from the amplified version of Galations 5:1:

held ensnared
submit again to a yoke of slavery

But can't you just see when David decides to pivot, to stop the spiral?

"I am not going to stay here. I am going to confess and stand and go forward." He may have been on a downward spiral; but he stopped and activated his faith and started the ascent.

Come on sisters, let's join in the ascent
And choose not to remain broken and bent.
Yes, we have made some wrong choices,
But we won't be defeated by the foes voices.
We will Confess and Repent,
And by the power of standing, we will ascend!

GOD, we do not want to remain in the bend,
In the hold of past sin.
We want to stand,
Because that posture is, YOUR plan!

GOD, YOUR plan is for freedom,
And LORD, I need some!
So I position my self,
No longer sitting on the shelf,
I position my self

To stand
Because that is YOUR plan.
To stand

Help us to stand,
Against the schemes and plans,
That would keep us where we've been:
Bound and defeated by sin.

YOU want us to soar!
YOU hold and have so much more!
Let us be soaked in YOUR Word.
Truth needs to be spoken and heard.
Let us be soaked in YOUR Word.

Free us from the despair of our past.
We take hold of the freedom that will last,
By choosing to stand,
Because, that posture, is YOUR plan.



Lisa notes... said...

You're right....there is such freedom in confession and repentance. It's not something we naturally enjoy, but we do enjoy those benefits of having a clean heart. Thanks for taking us along on your train of thought this morning!

Leah @ The Point said...

Oh my! Lora, you nailed it today. I love how you connected the two verses and then gave us so much on which to ponder. What a blessing this post is to me today. Thank you for joining us at The Loft.

Lora said...

Lisa, thank you kindly for stopping By The Lamp Light. It's a wild ride here! You are so right! Bless you.

Lora said...

Leah, our GOD is so good! All praise to HIM. So glad that when HE gave me the green light to go back to blogging that you and your sweet community at The Loft were there! Bless HIS holy name!

Candace Creates said...

These 2 verses really do go hand in hand. I love that you picked both. I get stuck far too often in wanting "to pitch my tent and stay" in shame... as well. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of the second half. That was much needed this morning :).

Lora said...

Welcome Candace! Thank you for your kind words. So glad you stopped by! Bless you!

Flourishing Today said...

I love how you connected these two verses! Yes, we confess and repent, but like you said we don't stay in that downtrodden position! We get up and praise God for His victory in our lives! Love this encouragement!

Susan said...

Lora, this was so good! I'm trying to figure out the "Leah" connection. Please fill me in!!!

Jerralea said...

Great job, Lora! Thank you so much for pointing out the context of Psalm 51:10. We must be careful to do that, because when you know the whole story it is so much richer!

And I agree - very tough to choose between those two verses.

Thanks for sharing at the Loft today!

Gena Hood said...

Lora, I am so glad this psalm was included in scripture and was so blessed by your commentary on it today, particularly this verse of your poem:

Help us to stand,
Against the schemes and plans,
That would keep us where we've been:
Bound and defeated by sin.

When Satan's schemes and plans come against us, we must remember that our victory is through the One who can "make all things new", including our traitorous hearts.

Thank you for sharing at The Loft today!


Lora said...

Flourishing Today,

Thank you for your kind words!

Lora said...

Hey Susan! Leah has a blog called The Point and she does a link up each Wednesday. This week the writing prompt was the two Scriptures! I should have explained that little detail. Love you!

Lora said...


I appreciate your encouragement!

Lora said...


Thank you for stopping by and leaving kind words. Bless you!