Apr 15, 2016

Biltmore Estate

I had the pleasure of spending a day at Biltmore Estate this last week with two of my friends………. The beauty……. The grandeur………. The glory of the LORD………

I have many pictures to share. I am not ashamed of all the lamp lights I photographed. I am drawn to them. I am drawn to HIM!

I won't comment on every picture; but I did hear the LORD speak to me through what I saw a couple times, so I will share that and of course, I'll comment on the lamp lights!

The Lion statue was my favorite! In this picture, the lamplight looks like it is a crown on the lion's head! 

The lamplight is beautiful. I am under The Lamp Light.

We did the audio tour and I would recommend it to anyone going! This is my new friend, Stephanie. She is a sweetheart.

And this is my dear friend, and mentor, Vicky. I've shared about her before. She is an amazing woman of God. And, she is a lot of fun, too! And has great hair.

This was the first lamp light I saw when we arrived to get our season passes….. I knew it was going to be a good day!

We had lunch at the stable:

Stephanie bought this fabulous dessert sampler and shared with us! Beautiful and delicious!

This was our table at the stable.

Then we headed into the house, and it was glorious! The Entrance Hall:

The glass roof in the Winter Garden:

The Billiard Room:

The Banquet Hall:

The Breakfast Room:

They were hosting a display of wedding gowns in films, so we saw many romantic gowns. This one is from Sense and Sensibility:

The artwork, oh my, I loved the artwork. Notice Renoir's Child with an Orange:

Sense and Sensibility:

 Tapestry Gallery:

Portrait of Edith Vanderbilt:

John Singer Sargent is one of my favorite artists. He did both these portraits:

Looking up in the library...

The Chariot of Aurora by Pellegrini:


Another John Singer Sargent:

Gowns from Pride and Prejudice:

Second floor living hall:

This picture does not do this lamp light justice...

And yet another John Singer Sargent:

Out of Africa gown:

John Singer Sargent:

The Oak Sitting Room:

Mrs. Vanderbilt's bedroom:

I was drawn to the desks as well. Such beauty.

One of my favorite lamp lights and reflections.

Another desk by the lamp light.

Love this.

The majesty:

A firm foundation:

Do you have a narrow view? Look how narrow this window is!

Bowling alley:

Are you keeping score?

Recreational areas:

I love the Italian tiles:

Modern day gym:


Smoking room:

Banquet hall:

The lovely doors:

Shopping on the grounds:

Brick paved pathways:

A beautiful view:

So much about this picture that I love:

The Lion, The Lamp, The Friend:

Joy in creation:

Lamp light love:

Vicky tiptoeing through the tulips:

The most colorful begonia:

HIS light is breaking through!

I loved the look of this place setting:

Natural beauty:

Tulips, shadows, brick
HIS splendor was evident, thick.

YOU, LORD are my strong tower!

I'm looking forward to going again soon! Have you been to the Biltmore? What was your favorite?