Apr 20, 2016

A Ship, A Friend

As I walked back to our home this evening, I thought about the meaning of friendship. What does friendship mean to me? What is the meaning of friendship in general?  As my thoughts meandered on the evening stroll, without the quick access to Merriam Webster, I came up with the Lora definition of friendship:

What ever ship you are in, they (the friend) are there.

And I think I will stick with my definition because it has been so true in my life.  Today was one of those days that I just needed a friend.

This afternoon my friend Vicky called at a pivotal time in the events of today, and I poured out my heart to her about a current situation and she listened.  Not long after we hung up, she called back and spoke Truth over me and spoke Hope over me and spoke Life and God's will over me.

Boy, did I ever feel better.

Had the situation changed? No. But, my ship was no longer sinking. She had assessed the damage to my vessel and came back with her toolbox, overalls and got to work. Now, she did not show up at my house and do these things; but in the realm of friendship, she repaired the leaks in my sinking ship.

Do you ever get so discouraged about a situation?

Maybe your ship has been floating on the situation waters for a long time.
Maybe your ship is battered from the rain and storms.
Maybe your ship is running low on fuel to continue on the journey.
Maybe your ship feels like you have no crew and are the only one aboard.
Maybe your ship is low on supplies and no land is in sight.
Maybe the sails of your ship are tattered from the strong winds that have blown.
Maybe the finish is worn off your ship from the waves that have consistently beaten against you.
Maybe your ship is not the newest, latest model.
Maybe your ship seems to have no anchor.
Maybe your ships rudder is needing repair.

I don't know where you are. But, this I know, sometimes, my situations, struggles and problems can carry me away like a vessel headed toward a Bermuda triangle. When life happens, and oh, does it ever happen… I tend to focus on the situations, struggles and problems. And there I can so easily go, sailing in the wrong ship in the wrong direction with the wrong thoughts, the wrong focus, getting way off course.

I thank the good LORD for always being there for me. I thank HIM for HIS Word that always counsels me correctly. I thank the HOLY SPIRIT for sticking closer to me than a brother. I thank HIM that HE sends friends to love us, to encourage us, to speak life and truth, God's will and hope over us.  Friendship can take over the wheel of a vessel headed in the wrong direction and turn the ship back to the Captain.

When my situations cause me on a precipice to dangle,
Thank GOD, HE delivers from the Bermuda triangle!
He sends compassionate, caring, Godly friends,
Who help turn us from shipwreck and dead ends!

LORD, I thank you for the gift of friendship -
That through it ministry flows and problems are nipped.
Through the high waters and the storms,
You send people to encourage and warn.

When we feel lost, or even alone, at sea,
You send a friend to encourage and rescue me.
Thank YOU LORD for friends,
That can re-direct us when we are at our end.

The Lion, The Lamp Light, The Friend.
Me and my friend Vicky, at the Biltmore Estate this month.


Michele Morin said...

Yes, the Proverbs talk about the importance of friendship, and I do forget . . .
Thanks for reminding me that one of God's greatest gifts to the believer is godly friends.

Gena Hood said...

Thank you for your beautiful analogy - - that friendship is like a ship. You are very blessed to have such a beautiful friend!

Kristi Woods said...

Amen & amen. Thanking God for such a wonderful, encouraging, godly friend. Praising Him for the ones in my life as well. #coffeeforyourheart

Jerralea said...

I love your definition of friendship!

You are blessed to have such a friend. Thanks for sharing with us at The Loft today!

Christine Malkemes said...

Coming to you from the Loft. Wow. Such a real description of friendship. Friends are "just there" for us. You're a blessings. Thanks for sharing with us. I always look forward to our fellowship here. Chris

Lora said...

Hi Michele! Thank you for stopping by!

Lora said...

I do feel very blessed to have Vicky as a friend. Bless you!

Lora said...

Greetings Kristi!

So glad to have you visit!

Lora said...


I am really enjoying The Loft community!

Lora said...


Your words bless me. Thank you kind one.

Leah Adams said...

I am crazy about your post! I love the analogy of the ship and how beautifully you used it to describe life. Even more than that, I love how you pointed us back to Jesus. Thank you, Lora, for being part of the precious gathering at The Loft.

Lora said...

Your words bless, Leah. I am so thankful for The Loft community.