Mar 15, 2016

Press On, Move Forward, Continue

When the girls were younger, we spent many of our days at the gym, swimming laps in the pool. The years have passed quickly and both of the children have grown to adulthood and I miss them when I go to swim laps these days.  In fact, some days recently, I just haven't even wanted to go to the gym.   Two days in particular, I was sitting in my car outside the gym, totally dressed to go in and work out and just didn't want to go in and work out.  Eventually, I did go in and do my workout.

We started back to the gym in October (after a long hiatus - I did not make it one time during the two years my dad lived with us). And, I must admit, I love being there again. I've seen many old friends and I've made some new ones too.  I feel so much better after I go to work out. In the four months that we've been there, I've also gotten rid of 8.75 inches. I've also increased my muscle mass and am not as weak as when I first started back.

But do you ever start something, or start back to something and think: "My goodness, the staying with it is hard"? I've thought that. I've also thought that when I use to go to the gym, my girls were with me and it's hard to do alone.  I'm at the point that I'm finding myself making excuses not to go.  Now so far, I've continued going; but the point is, the journey is sometimes hard.  The will, the drive to do something you intended to finish, sometimes wanes.  The option to choose an easier way arrives or the opportunity to go back to how you were before presents itself.  Resolutions made in earnest, seem so remote and unreachable. You get to the pool, you swim a handful of laps and consider just backstroking… It was in this scenario that I heard the LORD speak to me to:

"Press On.
Move Forward.

And it was obvious, I couldn't do that while backstroking. God does not want me, or you, to go back to where we have been. HE wants us to continue moving forward in the lane set before us. It is easy to look at other people in other lanes and think their race looks better or easier than ours. Or to get distracted by all the pool balls and toys and parties going on over in the free swim area.  Or to wish that you were just sitting on the side checking your phones while the activity is in the pool.  Or how would the enemy rejoice if we just sat in our cars and never came into the water to swim?  Wow.  When giving up seems to be what your heart and flesh want, the Spirit breathes life and the ability to continue. Praise HIS Name!

So LORD, In Your Precious Name,
We, press on, move forward and continue.
Strengthen our spirits, minds and body, down to the sinew.
When tempted to quit or give up,
Draw us to drink from Your cup.
When the race seems long,
Encourage us to press on.
When we want to go back,
Help us realize it's an enemy attack.
May we continue.