Mar 30, 2016

No Satisfaction in Distraction

It happened again this morning. I awoke with focus and purpose, my plan to get back to blogging, to join in Leah's at The Loft today. And I'd made it to the shower when the thought that I hadn't taken the clothes out of the dryer hit my early-morning mind. So, I go to the laundry room, mentally kicking myself because I was going to HAVE TO iron now… In the laundry room, a million (ok, really two) distractions called to me: swim items from the gym now scattered around the room begged straightening and the cloths that were used to wipe up the water from a water bottle spill that were draped to dry in various ways over the laundry sink and faucet, begged me to check them and re-arrange them for drying so they could be put back out of sight. I did touch one of the towels to see how wet it was; but marched on with my laundry basket back to my room to get my computer and write. On the way, I passed through the kitchen, where once again, I saw *things* that needed my attention… I kept walking.

I am a visual person and going past *things* that need my attention, distract me. In today's world, we also have another distraction: media… I probably don't even need to go there. But, just to let you know, I struggle with media distractions too. And I am so getting distracted trying to type out a post about distraction!  Right now, I see a number by my messages icon.  It is not blinking or flashing; but it could be a distraction to me. It could be a friend wanting to go somewhere or do something or she could need me.  It could be that in my Pinky-and-the-Brain thinking, that I *need* to save the world. The struggle was and is real. I feel that:

I need to attend to the message that has just come in, instead of DOING the assignment I've heard from HIM.

And it was as I stepped into the shower that I sensed, in my spirit:

There is no satisfaction in distraction.

And I said back to the LORD, I hear YOU and I agree. And LORD, why do you start talking to me the moment I step into the shower?   I have no pen and paper here and I sure can't bring my media into the shower with me. As I type the words now, it seems like a no brainer to me - there are no distractions in the shower --- well there shouldn't be; but I have to be honest with you, there was a distraction in the shower this morning. Yes, it is Wednesday and I still had the spray bottle with cleaner and a brush to work on an area of tile in the shower that I had started on last weekend. Just being real here. I am struggling in this area. Even when I wake with a thought for a post, seemingly I can find new and even old distractions.  However, I did pick up the brush and start scrubbing while waiting for the water to be just the right temperature.  Then it hit me:

 I'd left a job undone, because finishing sometimes, just is not fun.

Ouch. Sometimes, the truth just rests on my heart and it hurts.  Doing what I feel called to do may not be as much fun as what is on the other side of the message icon; but I can tell you this I do know, there is no satisfaction in distraction. And without a doubt, HE has called me back to blogging, to writing, to listen and write down what I hear; but I have been so distracted.  I've been distracted by some good things too, some fun and enjoyable things. But when it comes down to standing before the LORD, the question I'm faced with is:

Am I doing the urgent or the important?

I feel like the LORD is even letting me see that in the fact that when I passed the hurdles of distraction this morning and sat down to blog, that the computer only has 12% battery charge. Knowing that the links would be at The Loft today, I should have charged my computer last night and been ready and fully charged for today.

How about you? What has GOD called you to do? Friends, (and I'm speaking to myself) we must do what HE has called us to do. How do you handle distractions? How have you gained victory over the urgent?

A friend gave me a book quite a long, long time ago titled: Freedom from Tyranny of the Urgent by Charles E. Hummel. I am committing to reading it this week. Here are a few highlights from the back of the book and that confirm it would be a blessing to me:

"Are urgent things so pressing that you don't have "inner time" to sort out what's really important?"
"How can you discern what God wants you to do?"
"Stay open to God's guidance in small choices"

So dearest LORD, as before the keyboard I sit,
The demands of life, I want to YOU, to commit,
Daily, I am faced with so many distractions,
And LORD, in them I find no lasting satisfaction.

I want to accomplish YOUR will, what YOU have called me to do.
Help me to the distractions to say: Go, just "shoo"
I want to do what YOU call me to do.

Sometimes, the doing is not fun.
But when it comes to Kingdom work, let me leave nothing undone.
Focus me LORD, straight on the goal
And let me, to YOUR plan, be fully devoted, and whole.

Continue to speak to me, and please allow me to see
What is truly important for me.
Help me to finish the good works that YOU start
And by YOUR Word and SPIRIT, please impart.

In YOUR precious Name, and by YOUR SPIRIT's power,
Victory is mine, this day and hour.


Christine Malkemes said...

Thank you for giving me a window into your life. I agree with you - there's no satisfaction in distraction. You are such a treasure to Him that He's picked just the right time to "catch" the shower. What a wonderful thought. You're a blessing.

Leah Adams said...

My sweet, sweet friend, how you challenge me! Distraction is, most assuredly, a tool of the devil. If he can distract us from our purpose, our mission, he chalks up a little victory. I'm so thankful that Jesus helps us overcome distraction, if we will only seek Him. Social media is a huge distraction, isn't it? Sometimes I wish for the days when there were no mobile devices, no social media. **Sigh** I guess that makes me officially old. Thanks for joining us at The Loft.

Jerralea said...

Thank you for this post! I'm glad to know there are those out there like me! :)

Seriously, we do have to fight against distractions, and also the tendency to not totally finish a task.

Love your poem!

Thanks for sharing at the Loft.

Lora said...

Thank you Christine.

Lora said...

Thank you for hosting The Loft Leah!

Lora said...

Your words bless, Jerralea. Thank you.