Feb 7, 2016

She Loved Well

A tribute to my lovely friend, Cindy. Written early this morning amid tears, edited slightly after reading. Tears of joy for her. Tears of loss for me, for my family, for her family and our church.

Cindy LeMarr went to live forever with Jesus yesterday. She was a friend, encourager and mother to me. Cindy was the first person to welcome me when I visited my church. I had slipped in to the service after it started and wanted to just visit and see what the service was like without talking to anyone. It was like she had radar and knew I was new and hiding! 

She was a bold woman of God who was moved and motivated by a heavenly Father promoting a kingdom agenda. 

She loved me and my family well. We laughed together, cried together, shared life together.  I would get texts from her in the very early morning hours that would make me smile and be such evidence that she had been spending time with Jesus and listening to His Holy Spirit. 

We sat at many tables together and shared meals and life. She would just stop by and visit. Cindy just showing up at our home was one of my favorite memories of her. On her hospice bed, I told her that was one of my favorite actions of hers. She told me she was just being neighborly! Other times she would bring flowers, a scented candle, party napkins… She always brought a smile and encouraging words. We sat in my Jesus room together. We sat on her back porch and talked about the Word and His will. She had a pink bb gun.  

When my daddy passed exactly 6 months ago, she was one of the first sweet friends to cross the threshold of our home and just be here for me. As I spoke at my dad's funeral, she smiled and nodded her sweet face in agreement from the audience. 

She walked through hard times with me and my heart aches at the thought of her and Steve not being in our lives and hearts and home. Her life impacted me more for the kingdom of God than any other. She invested more in me than I can even share. She was and is, one of a kind. 

When looking through pictures of our friendship, I kept coming to this picture of the jeweled Lion that Cindy gave me. I remember when Steve told me how excited she was to give me my Christmas present and how inadequate my gift was to her in light of the fact that she gave me a commissioned piece of art, and I gave her paper napkins. Cindy gave me artwork of The One who is eternal. And her life was all about Him.

It was so evident, of this life, she was a temporary resident. 
But even in my loss, she focuses me on Jesus and the cross.
Your earthly presence will be missed; but I will see you again, my earthly spiritual mom and sis. 
I am confident that it is well with your soul and that you are completely whole. 

I would not be surprised either to know that you are part of a heavenly welcoming committee! I will live and love more like Jesus because of you.

Here is her obituary:
Cindy's Legacy

Please keep Steve and the rest of her family in your prayers.  Bless you friends, bless you!