Dec 9, 2016

For the Love of Lamp Lights

Market Square, Knoxville, Tennessee

Have a wonder filled weekend! Look up!

Nov 19, 2016

For the Love of Lamp Lights

Happy weekend! I had the opportunity to go to the symphony Monday evening. After the concert, I saw this fabulous light fixture and *had* to stop and take a picture. Isn't it wonderful?! 

The lights on the marquee were bright and beautiful.

The Tennessee Theater is quite lovely and the music and time with a friend was enjoyable.

I hope you have a wonder filled weekend!

Nov 13, 2016

For the Love of Lamp Lights

I have been celebrating Victoria Leigh's twenty second birthday this last week!  Where have the years gone?  She is a senior in college with graduation in the near future and law school ahead of her.  We have had a fun week.  I am so blessed to be her mom. Children are gifts. While out for lunch with her one day this last week, I snapped this picture of the lamplight mounted on little red circular tiles...what beauty was reflected in the tiles.  

I see beauty in my birthday girl.  To say I am a proud mama is an understatement. Victoria has grown into a lovely young woman. I believe all the preparations her twenty-two years have included will propel her forward in her destiny and dreams. She is a bright light in a dark world. I just know that what is ahead for her is going to be so good. 

Happy birthday, Victoria Leigh!

Oct 29, 2016

For the Love of Lamp Lights

Featured this week are lamp lights close to home at the new Holston's Kitchen restaurant.  Gas lamp lights are so lovely to me.

And the flame looks like a leaf to me.

Have a wonder filled weekend!

Oct 21, 2016

For the Love of Lamp Lights

The beauty shared today is from the Mary Hazen House Museum  We toured the house for my birthday a few years ago.  Not only were the lamp lights lovely; but the architecture and thoughts from the prayer book were delights to my heart.

Yes, LORD.

A beautiful life. A beautiful birthday!


Such a beautiful pathway

One of my favorites:

This reminds me of my mother's desk.

I hope you have a wonder filled weekend. May HIS light shine on and in you! It's a beautiful life!

Oct 19, 2016

A day in my life

Last night as I looked at my to-do list that had, mostly been marked through, I wondered how many times I'd repeated this task of list making.  I am a list maker.  Each day of my life, I write down what I'd like to accomplish and feel a sense of accomplishment when I cross it off. My list usually is longer than the day, so I have arrows beside some line items to move to the following day; but there is one item that is always at the top of the list:


In fact, if I could do a pre-printed list, His Name would be at the top.

However, I hope that His Name is also
 in and through, 
all the tasks that I do.

I'm going to try to recreate yesterday...It may not be as easy as it sounds, because when I cross something off my list, I usually mark it out very well!

So, here goes (all items in parenthesis, are my today explanations of yesterday's tasks):



Breast Cancer Awareness breakfast with Linda (My friend and I planned to go to this meeting and breakfast together for over two weeks.  The reality is, she didn't get to come; but, some practical information was shared and I met some new friends! And Linda and I talked by phone the car ride home!)

Share a verse with Autumn (Yesterday when I was reading, I came across a great verse to encourage a young friend of mine and I want to share with her! I texted it to her pretty early and then wondered if I woke her up... She tells me at class later in the evening that she was already up; but I think she was just being kind to me.  Is there a texting hour etiquette that I should know about? I am an early morning person!)


Darks (Two loads of laundry. Check.)

Cancel The Salesman's appointment (Wished that I could take this one, because he had me to cancel his massage.)

Squash (Freeze the last of the spaghetti squash. Check.)

Water plants (this is quite a task - the back porch, the front porch, the new plants in the landscaping, the old plants that are calling for water.)

Work on resume  (I am ready to go back to work and have a specific job that I am going to turn my resume in to, once it is complete! And working on a resume has become a task that has been on my to-do list for a week now. Every day I work on it, in some form or fashion. After today, I will re-read and print in the morning and take to the intended party. I think I hear angels singing!)

Prepare talk for class tonight about the next assigned book they are to read (I love to share; but there is that preparation part that is so important. So I sit at my desk and map out what I'm going to say and write down what I sense the LORD is saying to me. HE is always so good to me! Even though I've prepared, I fight thoughts throughout the day of what else do I need to say? What should I not say? What if I get sidetracked? What if.... You get it, right? Anyway, it went well and the director told the class that he wanted me to introduce his next book. Check.)

Consignment (Take my clothes and Victoria Leigh's to drop off. Run into a very dear friend and just bask in her wisdom....oh my, she is a deep well. Talk with a church friend there too...sweet diversions to my day! Then take clothes consignment wouldn't take to the KARM store. I also feel it necessary to report that I did not shop there - big accomplishment - I so enjoy thrift stores!)

Pay bills (Check)

Lowes (Bought a doorbell replacement button - with the helpful staff's assistance.  Perused; but did not buy new pull chains for the fan, because, who knew there were so many options?!? Went home and measured and moved this task to tomorrow!)

Grocery shop (Aldi and Wal-mart -and yes, I have a detailed list for the stores and pretty much stick to it except, I did buy the stinkin' chocolate donut holes they were sampling last week.  I did not look at the calories until I was in my vehicle - seriously 240 for three little holes... Why did I buy them?!? Why do I go to the gym?!? Where should I hide these?! The cashier today shared about coming into a season of caring for his father and he asked me to think about him in the process, I take this as an opportunity to pray for him and his family as they start to make decisions to care for his 88 year old father. Hallelujah! Check.)

Call the officer who took my statement after vehicle was hit Friday night (He called me back and then recommended that I go ahead and call my insurance company to start the claim process, which I did, which then led to a very long phone conversation and messages. Check.)

Call the insurance company regarding Victoria's accident (She was hit by a truck - she is ok - but, I had to give my statement to the persons insurance company that was responsible for the accident. After this conversation, I had to scan and e-mail a police report. OK, I had to ask The Salesman to do that part for me. Check.)

Pick up walnuts (These things are raining down in the driveway and yard like dogs! What kind of statement is that?!? Well, anyway, the walnuts are every where and somehow, I've taken it upon myself to try to pick all of them up every day.  Maybe got 200 plus today... Will have to do again tomorrow too!)

Workout with personal trainer (Then get dressed in record breaking time to head to next event! Getting ready at the gym before class is sometimes hysterical - especially if I forget something important... Check. And I resisted talking to a friend I hadn't seen in awhile because I needed to get to class.)

Present book at class (check)

Class (There was a tangible presence of GOD at class tonight. Three hours of class and I head home. Now on the drive home, I talk to the LORD. I tell HIM all about my day and my thoughts... HE listens to every word. HE never interrupts my rambling.  HE takes it all in. I feel so much better when I arrive home to a barking puppy!  After I get home, I call my oldest daughter and we hash and re-hash my resume.  I am going to print it tomorrow!!! Share with The Salesman our thoughts on class tonight. Check.)

There are parts of my day that aren't on my list - phone calls and text messages, friends stopping by,  visiting, listening, enjoying the leaves and beauty of creation, TJMaxx, checking social media, making a list for the next day, etc.  Well, there you have it - a day in my life.  Looking forward to getting to know you!

Oct 14, 2016

For the Love of Lamp Lights

It seemed appropriate to post a pictures of a these fabulous lamps lights from when Victoria was getting her hair done for a special event.  I am going to be getting my hair done for a special event today:  my best friend is getting married!!! 

Her love story has been like a Hallmark movie.  

I've been able to watch the beauty of it unfold from the very beginning.

It has been pure, innocent, amazing, wonder filled and lovely.

To say I am excited for Cindy and Steve is an understatement.  

Happy wedding day! May the Light of HIS presence collide with you this day and weekend.  Be blessed.

Oct 12, 2016

Fall and falling

 It's the most beautiful time of the year to me. Fall weather, changing leaves, warm and cozy clothes - there is so much I enjoy about this season! Since moving to town, we have a large gingko tree in our front yard and unlike our other trees, it drops all of its leaves in one day.  The rain of the gingko tree leaves an area of our yard with the most beautiful carpet of gold.

This fallen-leaf carpet of gold,
It will never grow old.
Such enjoyment I receive from this old gingko tree,
It signifies such beauty to me.

To know that on, or around, November 23rd, every leave will rain down from this tree, is an event I am looking forward to seeing and experiencing. Once I see the leaves are falling, I want to stand under the glorious letting go of leaves. I can see myself with my head tilted skyward as they dance from the limbs to the ground.  The magnificent beauty of a several-stories-high-tree, shedding its leaves at once, intrigues me.

But to know something is happening around a certain time:

I must be ready.
I must be waiting.
I must be watching.

Oh, this is good. And reminds me of the eternal and soon return of our LORD.

It is so important that I am ready, free from sin.
I should be eagerly awaiting HIS return.
I should keep my views heavenward, no matter the distractions.

Seasons in life change. All that shades and surrounds us, sometimes falls to the ground.  Sometimes it happens suddenly.  And we are left looking and feeling barren; but I have found that just because it looks that way, doesn't mean it is reality.

There can be such beauty in allowing old things to fall away.
There can be such beauty in the rain.
There can be such beauty in seeing the old beneath your feet.

Some trees gradually lose their leaves and I agree, there is beauty in this progression of letting go; but nothing I have seen in all my years, compares to the glorious, one day rustling veil of golden beauty falling by the masses in sheer force and completeness.

I sense HIM speaking that if there is something that needs to be let go of, how much easier, to let it go fully and completely, like the gingko tree. Even though we may hold fast to the leaves, there is beauty in the letting go.

Oh, don't you know?
There is beauty in the release, the letting go.
Like the beauty of the gingko rain,
Release all that binds and ultimately brings pain.

Such joy will come when the old is beneath our feet.
Here the Savior will certainly, with us meet.
Let's put the old beneath our feet,
And the changing seasons, with joy, let's greet!

I'm so thankful for this new season. I'm so thankful for the lessons the LORD teaches me in the beauty of everyday life. May you fully enjoy this season of change! May you flourish profusely, even in the letting go of anything old that may try to bind you or bring you ultimate pain.

Go forth, mighty warriors, in HIS Name!

Oct 7, 2016

For the Love of Lamp Lights

 Not only do I throughly love this lamp light; but I also love the reflection the lamp lights give. It is one of my recent favorites!

May we be like this lamp light and be a beautiful reflection of HIM into any dark place.

Go forth and reflect HIM!

Oct 4, 2016

Part of HIS Round Table

I had the privilege of being invited to a women's retreat this last weekend.  There were maybe twelve different churches represented and twenty women.  It was an amazing time of meeting together.  I had just returned from a week at the OBX and didn't even think going on this outing would be a possibility; but, The Salesman said it was ok to go, and I am so glad that I did.

I knew one woman (and her children) from my church, one friend from a church we went to years ago, three friends from a nearby church and one lovely young woman from our church who came along to help lead worship.  For the most part though, there were new friendships formed and I loved the fact that twenty women from different church and denominations were there to meet together, no agenda; but HIM. I believe it was the body of Christ represented.

There were times of sharing meals together and worship and an afternoon of free time; but no agenda.  It was beautiful.  There was plenty of time to hear from the LORD, and I felt like HE had much to say.

On Friday night during a time of prayer for our men, I kept hearing the words "Knights of the Round Table" so as I googled it, the LORD brought things to my mind to pray for our kingdom men in comparison to King Arthur's court:

Knights of the Round Table Attributes:
Best Knights
Camelot was their Kingdom
Arthur was their King
Code of Chivalry
King Arthur's Castle was their home
Always flee treason
Round Table because everyone was equal


Prayers for Knights of God's Table:
Kingdom Knights
Kingdom of Heaven is their kingdom
The KING is their King
The 10 Commandments is their code
Heaven is their eternal home
Always flee the enemy the devil
Equal in the kingdom

It was a powerful time of prayer for our men.

During our free time, I was drawn to this little welcome hut and put my journal and Bible in the window and and used it as a table and had a great time writing down what I felt like HE was saying. It seemed that the "table" word was a theme for the weekend!

From young to old,
HE says be bold.

Don't walk out from the shadow of HIS wings.
HE desires to care for and comfort you and do new things.

Is best.

Come up higher - 
You are a flyer.

GOD, YOU call us here
YOU hold us close and call us dear.

With GOD, you are at home.
You are never alone.

A new year, a new beginning,
Sisters, you are winning!

There a no limits, no corrals
For us gals.

You are set free
To be who GOD intended you to be
You are set free

Look to the sky
Don't fret, worry or ask why
Look to the sky

I AM here
You are dear
I AM here

Choose the narrow path
I'll fuel you with GOD gas
Choose the narrow path

Don't get burdened or distracted
Not one promise I AM has made will be retracted
Don't get burdened or distracted

We are different; but so alike
Our aim HIS kingdom, on this uphill hike
We are different; but so alike

No fence can contain 
HIS heavenly refrain
No fence can contain

We are One in HIM
Let YOUR kingdom work begin

You are a mighty woman warrior of GOD
With grace, goodness and HIS glory, you have been shod.
You are a mighty woman warrior of GOD

When you come to a cross road
HE is eager to take your load.
We will be at cross roads

HE desires us to walk in unity and peace
Bitterness, factions and strivings cease.
Walk it out in peace

You are royalty
A lovely reflection of ME
You are royalty

Lay aside anything that burdens or blinds
I am above you, all round, before and behind
Lay aside anything that burdens or blinds

Eternity speaks in you
Because it's what HE longs to do
Eternity speaks in you

You are part of HIS round table
You are anointed, appointed, willing and able
You are part of HIS round table

This is a council of women
Moving in HIM
Council of Women

I felt like HE directed me to some words for the definition of council:
define the overall direction
exhibiting its debut collection

GOD is at work
The tough work, don't shirk
GOD is at work

Walk it out
HIS glory longs to shout
Together, let's walk it out

Hallelujah! We are part of HIS round table!
We are anointed, appointed, willing and able!
We are part of HIS round table!

We've got some kingdom work to do!!!

Sep 30, 2016

For the Love of Lamp Lights

A few weeks ago, my friend Vicky and I, on the spur of the moment decided to meet for a late night coffee/donut/hot tea.  OK, it was an excuse to get together and visit!  We settled on a local coffee shop and found out that they would close soon, so she suggested a local fast food restaurant.  I am not a fan of fast food.  However, I was pleasantly delighted at the lamp lights they used in the decor.  

And the restaurant happens to have been one of my dad's favorite places! So today, in honor of what would have been his 75th birthday, I post these pictures honoring the light of my dad's life.  I am thankful for my dad.  I can proudly say, I am the daughter of Arnold Lovin.  He has left a beautiful legacy for me.

Arnold Chester Lovin
September 30, 1941- August 6, 2015

Sep 28, 2016

The Outer Banks

I've just returned from a week at the Outer Banks... 

Rest...Relaxing...Refreshing...Reading...Enjoying GOD's creation...Lamp Lights...Friends...Jesus...Shopping...

I think I'll just let the pictures do the talking...

Where do you like to vacation? What speaks rest to you?