Dec 12, 2015


Twelve plus years ago the Salesman called and let me know that he wouldn't be home in time to go to a dinner meeting we had planned on going to together, because had received an offer to buy his business. He felt that it was a good offer and it came at a good time for him and he felt they would agree on a price before he came home that evening.

Let me say, I loved everything about our home in North Carolina: our neighbors and neighborhood, our church and school and historic home. I loved the convince of our location. Family was nearby. Friends came to visit often. Our children were born and raised in our home. It was a picture perfect life. Hallmark filmed movies on our street - no joke!

When The Salesman mentioned that we could move anywhere we wanted to, I told him that I wanted to stay right where we were because I loved everything about where we were. So, he approached people who had made him business offers before, and every door that had been wide open, was firmly closed.  I was not happy. Every doorway did open in the direction of East Tennessee, where my grandfather had given us property.

Every time I read the Word, during this transition time, the phrase "so much more" seemed to jump out at me. It was as if the Lord was saying personally to me, I have so much more for you, Lora.  I could not imagine the "so much more" of God; because truthfully, life seemed sweet.  I thought I had everything I wanted.

When we listed our home, I thought because the market was flooded at the time and that our agent suggested a prime price for our historic home, that we would be there a loooong while. It made me happy to think about staying just where I was. When the real estate agent sent the pictures that her photographer had taken of our home, I wasn't pleased. Do you see a theme, here? We lived in a beautiful historic home that had been completed remodeled and professionally decorated and the pictures just didn't do our home justice. I remember going to bed that evening upset about the pictures. Stewing in my mind, that I at least wanted the pictures of our home to be good if we were going to sale the place.

I awoke during the middle of the night to the brightest flash of lighting ever and for the first time in my life, I heard a voice say, "Those pictures that you are worried about, I have them." You would think that I would've awoke to a loud clash of thunder; but it was the brilliance of the light that awoke me during the storm that night.  I had never experienced anything like this before.  Ever. But I knew whose voice I had heard. It was the Lord.  It was as if the brightest flash of lighting was the flash from the God camera and He said in no uncertain terms that HE had the pictures of my house.

And did HE ever.

Within one week, before the picture ever came out on the cover of the home magazine for our area, we had two offers for asking price…

And we went with the offer that wanted to close in 30 days. It was a whirlwind of activity: packing, loading, preparing to move out of state, saying goodbye to friends and family. And for the record, I was not very happy about the move (the theme continues). So, I've already shared that we lived in a lovely neighborhood and had lovely neighbors. We had never in the 12 years that we lived there, had a problem with crime; but while the Salesman was in Tennessee, looking for a place for us to move to, someone tried to break into our home! The children and I were at home while it happened too! I honestly believe the Lord allowed it to loosen the apron strings of my heart from that house and home.

We have lived in East Tennessee now as long as we lived in the Carolinas. Looking back, I so wish that I had embraced what God was doing in my life at the time we were moving. Hindsight is 20/20.  I see now from the other side, that GOD's plans for me, for my marriage, for my family, included moving and being where we are today.  God did not want me and our family to stay where we were, even though it appeared to be an ideal place.  HE had "so much more" for us. HE had, and still has, more for us! Now the last 12 years, we have seen some good times; but, as a family, we have seen many heartaches and tough times. But, I believe Romans 8:28. It was one of the first verses I remember putting to memory. And praise His Holy Name, it is still true years later.

I am thankful the LORD chose to orchestrate the events of our life to find in HIM, so much more. Sometimes, when life is good, we don't look for more in our relationship with GOD. Or, we can't imagine that it can be any better than it is.

HE has so much more!
I am thankful HE moved us and though I couldn't imagine what HE had in store,
Our Eternal, Heavenly Father GOD has so much more.
He speaks, (even takes pictures!) and He guides.
He brings light to the darkness that hides.
He wants to do a work in me and you,
And I've found that HE'll move us if HE needs to!
May I operate in and through The Lamp Light,
And not be controlled by the kingdom of the dark night.

Amen and amen.

In the new year, I'm planning to share some of the adventures we've been through.

Bless you. May GOD bless your family this holiday season. With love and prayers and thanksgiving to the LORD for you,