Oct 2, 2015


Just a three short months ago, I was in Uganda with a group of 27 from my church. Although I am out of Africa, Africa is not out of me. Our church is currently hosting an international conference, and some of the people that I just came to know and love this summer, have now stayed in our home, shared our breakfast table, opened the Bible with us in the living room and knelt to pray with us.

Never would have I dreamed that my family of four would multiply to include dear people that live so far away logistically; but relationally are now my family.

Moses, from Echoes of Mercy, stayed in our home and one day while here, he announced that the LORD told him to name the library at his orphanage after my dad: The Lovin Children's Library!!! It was as if the LORD Himself reached down and gave my dear daddy a wonderful heritage! It has not even been two months since my dear dad passed from this earth! GOD is good! God has increased my family and he has increased my heritage by African family. 

Only GOD.
HE is good!

May HIS Name be praised among the nations!

Here is an article in yesterday's paper about our conference at church: