Apr 19, 2015

The Rest of the Story

Since the beginning of the year, I've been reading through the book of Psalms. Each day the LORD meets me on the pages of HIS written word and speaks directly to me. When I read chapter 103, verse four started off so familiar to me. Many times I've read or heard the beginning of the verse:

"Who redeems your life from the pit and corruption"

or another version states:

"Who redeems your life from destruction"

And it was easy for me to say, yes and amen to that, because the LORD has done that in my life. HE has redeemed my life from "the pit and corruption and destruction" in so many ways and so many times. I have kept HIM busy.  I have found myself in the same pit time and time again. I have seen HIM come in and save me from corruption.  Recently I've been so aware that the enemies plan for my life is destruction. Total destruction.  Those words weigh heavy on me. The enemy has a specific plan to totally destroy and demolish every good work that GOD has started in my life. The enemy is waiting, like a roaring lion. The enemy doesn't just plan to pinch me and go on. He wants to totally destroy every good thing that GOD has begun.  I know the end of the plan of the enemy and it is not good.  But GOD, has good plans for my life and for yours.  

What I did not remember reading or hearing was the second half of the verse:

"Who beautifies, dignifies, and crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercy;"

Beautify means to make beautiful.

Dignify means to confer honor or dignity.

Crowning is the triumphant culmination of (an effort or endeavor, especially a prolonged one).

How awesome is our GOD?!!

HE not only saves us from total destruction, HE is in the business of beautifying, dignifying and crowning us with loving kindness and tender mercy! Yes and amen! Do it LORD.  After being pulled out of a pit or saved from total destruction, it's easy to stand still and just be thankful for what the LORD has done; but we must continue on the path GOD has intended for us. We must move forward on our walk with the LORD. We must not get held up by the old self, the old flesh and where we have been and what we have done. GOD is at work.

Thank YOU for pulling me from a pit
Help me to move forward and not just sit
Thinking of failures and where I've been
Caught up and bound in sin
You use those who have hurts and have failed
Blow the wind of YOUR SPIRIT into my lifeless sails
YOU beautify, dignify and crown
You don't want us to stay defeated and down
With loving kindness and tender mercy you infuse
I am ready LORD for YOU to use.

A special thank you to artist and beautiful daughter, Victoria Leigh, at Danger Does Designs for another lovely Visual Verse! And here is Beth Moore's blog post for SSMT Verse 8 at Living Proof Ministries Blog.