Apr 13, 2015

Searching for The One

This last week, I decided that I wanted to put new planters and flowers at our front entrance. I did a lot of searching for just the right planter, topiaries and flowers. It took several trips to Home Depot and Lowes; but I found exactly what I wanted.  I knew in my mind what I was searching for, and I knew when I found the right flowers and plants.

Song of Solomon 3:4 declares: "I have found The One whom my soul loves…" We can do a lot of searching, go many places, encounter different people and things, yet no person or thing can be The One like JESUS CHRIST is to our soul. When we find HIM, we know that we have found The One. I pray that you too, have found The One and become rooted and planted in HIM. 

YOU are The One.
Thank YOU that when we search for YOU
we understand that no one or nothing else will do.
Though we may search many places
Look to things or delight in other faces
In YOU, we find true love and satisfaction
And discover every thing else is only a distraction.
YOU fill my searching soul.
YOU make me whole.
Thank YOU Father.

 Thank you Victoria Leigh, my talented daughter, and entrepeneur at Danger Designs for another lovely visual verse!  And here is the link for Beth Moore's Verse 7 for the SSMT at Living Proof Ministries blog.