Mar 12, 2015

Memories and Scripture Memory

Some of my favorite pieces of artwork are ones that the children made when they were little.  The heart pictured above is one that Victoria's young hands made. Every February, I put it on an easel and display it on the dining room buffet.  I love what she wrote on the heart:  Only Jesus can fill your heart - so true. That GOD sized hole is in all our hearts, and no matter what we try to fill that hole with: people, money, fame, success, food, material possessions, knowledge, service work, etc., only JESUS can fill your heart.

As I was putting the heart themed decor away, I marveled at how the LORD has continued to use Victoria's enjoyment of art to continue to bless me as she made a visual of my heart themed memory verse.  My Scripture memory verse 5 is Proverbs 14:30a:

I choose this verse because I desire to have a calm and undisturbed mind and heart.  The last season of caring for my dad here at home has been challenging.  I want to be calm and undisturbed even in the middle of challenges, hurts and heartaches.  I know it is possible with The LORD.

Victoria now has a website where she is selling her artwork. Check it out here: Danger Does Designs

And here is a link to the Scripture Memory Team Video and Blog post from Beth Moore  for Verse 5.  It's not to late to join in!