Sep 6, 2013

Can't find the red balloons

The to-do list for today is longer than my arm:

Clean out the dining room
Hang welcome banner
Red balloons
Clear a shelf in the bathroom
Plan meals
Grocery shop
Clean bathrooms
Get tire checked, etc. etc

My 72 year old dad is coming to live with us right on the tails of our baby going to college. Just when I thought the nest would be empty:

Our oldest daughter moved home!
Her friend has joined us too!
My dad is coming to live with us and will be making his new home in what was our dining room!

Wanting the room to be festive for him, I wanted to find the bag of red balloons that we used for Victoria's graduation party; but I found the following touches that will make his room a bit cozier:

Dad's high school letter jacket hanging from the hall tree!

A picture of Dad and Mom on their 25th anniversary. Mom's well worn Bible. A family photo album with a nest on it! 
Welcome to our nest Dad!

My day is joy and busyness intertwined,
God, keep me connected to Your vine.
Even when I wanted the welcome to include red balloons,
You gave alternatives to make Dad's new nest, a cozy room.


~Stephanie Wafer said...

What a sweet daughter you are! How blessed your dad will be to see all you have done for him. I'm sure he will feel welcome and loved, despite the missing red balloons :) Enjoy your full nest!

Bethany Grace Martin said...

What a happy post--thank you! Your dad will feel so welcome with your thoughtful touches, but most of all the heart behind them. said...

A bit of bittersweet in life, right?
Was glad to see you posted. I have not been by in a long while thought.
I'll drop down and see what else might be on your blog.
I like what Stephanie said above - and Bethany - what a blessing from the heart. Hope all goes well for everyone ... looks like you're off to a good start.

Take care, Jenn

Danielle Contreras said...

That's great how you decorated for your Dad. Thank you for coming by. I am trying to get back to blogging too.