Sep 26, 2013

TRUE - Five Minute Friday

Many pairs of shoes inside the front door make my heart happy. Some slid neatly off and paired together, some thrown off and in various locations in the front room; but it doesn't matter - just seeing them makes me smile.


I've been away from the keyboard and blogging for almost two years.  Away so long that I couldn't even remember my sign in.  I've slid back in by joining the FMF party; but no explanation giving for my absence.  Not that you need one; but True needs one.  Does your life every get so overwhelmingly painful that you pull away from activities that you love? I did.


The last two years have not been what I thought they would be.  Tears. Sorrow. Sadness.  Not many pairs of shoes inside the front door.  As sadness and sorrow swelled like the waves, I pulled away, you could say, I caved.


Life seemed to turn upside down a couple years ago and I reeled from feeling tossed by the seas.  You know, I had my picture-perfect life all planned out.  But God had His plan.


And His way and will prevail,
Even when I felt as if I had no wind in my sail.
Tired, worn, lonely and frail
His way, His will prevail.


Sep 19, 2013


Joining Lisa-Jo Baker again this week!


There are many She's in the Word whose names are not known;
But what a story each She must have (and I want to hear) in our eternal home:

She was a:
wise woman
woman with an issue
woman at the well

I wonder if She's names in eternity HE will tell?

Thank you for making each and every She.
And thank You for making me.
May Your name and Your fame
Be what this She proclaims.

Sep 13, 2013


When I read Lisa Jo's prompt, I thought of an acrostic:

  Cry with

The last twenty four hours have brought out an angst, a frustration and irritation in me. Mercy has not described my heart. And not only did I have the opposite of mercy in me, I shared my feelings, with fervor, to those whom I love dearly and live within the four walls of my home. (Head hanging)

But just when the conviction of sin comes, and I acknowledge it, His Mercy washes over me when my heart cries out for forgiveness:


Thankful that when I'm wrong side up, HIS mercy meets me at the bottom and I find a way up and out.

Sep 6, 2013

Can't find the red balloons

The to-do list for today is longer than my arm:

Clean out the dining room
Hang welcome banner
Red balloons
Clear a shelf in the bathroom
Plan meals
Grocery shop
Clean bathrooms
Get tire checked, etc. etc

My 72 year old dad is coming to live with us right on the tails of our baby going to college. Just when I thought the nest would be empty:

Our oldest daughter moved home!
Her friend has joined us too!
My dad is coming to live with us and will be making his new home in what was our dining room!

Wanting the room to be festive for him, I wanted to find the bag of red balloons that we used for Victoria's graduation party; but I found the following touches that will make his room a bit cozier:

Dad's high school letter jacket hanging from the hall tree!

A picture of Dad and Mom on their 25th anniversary. Mom's well worn Bible. A family photo album with a nest on it! 
Welcome to our nest Dad!

My day is joy and busyness intertwined,
God, keep me connected to Your vine.
Even when I wanted the welcome to include red balloons,
You gave alternatives to make Dad's new nest, a cozy room.