May 17, 2013

A hairdryer and a song

How is it that you, my baby Victoria, are 18 now?  Weren't we just laying on a quilt in the yard watching the clouds and talking about you being old enough to go to school?  This phase of high school graduation and knowing you will leave for college soon, has my emotions on a roller coaster ride.

It was during those pre-school years that you started a sweet after bath ritual. On tip toes you would stand on top of the commode to see yourself in the mirror, as you would belt out a song over the hum of the hairdryer.

Your dad sang to you when you were a baby and as you grew up, he introduced you to different genres of music. You sang the alphabet opera style for your pre-school class. You progressed to music lessons, musicals and violin lessons. God gave you so much.  And now you've auditioned for and received a music scholarship for college.  I am so proud of you.

Ask I type and rock in the chair I nursed you in
The season of you always being here is coming to an end
Thankful for your younger years, college now comes
Thinking of you leaving,  has me undone
Soon you will fly and leave our nest
Mama will always be praying God's best
When the days between visits seem dragging long
I will thank God for the memories of you, a hairdryer and a song