Jul 16, 2012


He was not on time.  He was not even close to being on time, by at least two hours.  By the time he showed up to load the lawnmower for repair, my flesh was ready to tell him how late he was, how I had plans to do "this and that" in town and it did not include waiting for hours for him to arrive.  Now, I'd been busy in the wait time, accomplishing other tasks on my to-do list; but I would still find myself glancing out the window and even called the shop because they'd said the repair man would be here by 9:30.

While waiting on the phone,  I sat down near the front door and my eyes fell on my mother's open and well worn Bible.  And I read:

Proverbs 8:34 KJV
Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors.

It was no coincidence that when I read this, I was waiting near the door and watching out the open blind for the repair man's arrival.  Now, I'd spent time with the LORD this morning, enjoyed the Salesman before he headed out for work and had my to-do list before me.  But it was here that GOD taught me another lesson amidst the daily routine of life.  I heard HIM gently say to my spirit:

"Would you watch and wait for ME this way?"

At first I wanted to tell the LORD that I was calling to find out why the repair man had not arrived yet. But then I realized that HE was speaking to me and I did not want to refuse HIM.  Thankful for HIS grace, it was then that I heard and saw what I was doing and how the LORD was using this wait to show me how HE wanted me to expectantly wait for him.

Like the verse, I'd:

Heard that the repairman was coming.
I was now glancing out my window looking for him to arrive.
I had the door unlocked and opened, waiting for him.

I want the LORD to show up and I have asked HIM to opportunities for healing, strengthening, encouragement, counsel, direction, repentance, reconciliation, restoration, salvation, obedience, righteousness, godliness, fellowship, pleasure - my list goes on - that I have set before HIM.  But after I ask, am I looking for, waiting and watching for HIM, am I really expecting HIM like I was expecting the repair man?  Do I forget to watch for HIM?  Do I forget to wait for HIM?  Do I get busy with other *things* on my to-do list?  Do I question why, when, where?  I desire to find HIM in all my questions, in all my waiting. Do I seek HIM until I find HIM? Do I continue to call even when I don't see HIM? Do I operate in an active stance of looking for HIM, open to HIS will and HIS timetable?

HE doesn't always move according to the dictates of my calendar, my time frame or my to-do list; but this does not negate the fact, that when I call, HE hears and HE comes.

Psalms 145:18
The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth.

I do not want to get sidetracked, to lose the focus, or the expectation, that HE is coming.  Quicken my heart that I hear, watch and wait.

We have an iron clad, three flesh-piercing-nails, Jesus blood sealed promise:

He is coming.

As YOU teach me to be patient in my wait,
Forgive me for thinking that YOU are late.
I have called, and Truth is, You are nigh.
Forgive me for continually asking "Why?"
As I hear YOU speak,
Strengthen my spirit, it is weak.
I will expectantly watch at YOUR gates,
I seek YOUR favor in each and every wait.

(The lawnmower loaded up for repair.)