Jul 16, 2011

God is still in the miracle business

July 16, 1988
We are celebrating 23 years of marriage today.

And we are proof that God still performs miracles today.
This last year has held many challenges. I've not blogged since September 2010 and part of the reason was because of struggles in our marriage, family and home. We have not arrived by any means; but praise His Name, God is still in the miracle working business!


Kelly S. said...

2. I LOVE your hair and head piece in that picture :) Truly southern :)
3. Your dress was very similar to mine!

Love you my friend!!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Let's face it....life comes with many challenges, and often times when they are least expected! But God is good...all the time!

Happy Anniversary!!


Grace said...

God Bless You. Love in Christ, Gracie (Fran's mama)

Georgia Jan said...

And I've missed you sweet girl. I am glad to rejoice with you over God's miracles. Thank You, Jesus! I am also coming out of a very difficult "place" or season the past 10 months...in ministry as a pastor's wife. People will sure hurt and disappoint. But oh let me testify! Our God is faithful and He is my Rock, my Refuge, and my Strong Tower.

Love your beautiful wedding picture. We celebrated 34 years on 6-11-77!

Much love sweet one,
Jan (Gran Jan, GA Jan) :)

fuzzytop said...

Congratulations and praises! God is faithful.

Hold tight to each other, hold tight to God, and persevere. Run the race set before you...

Love and hugs,

sister sheri said...

Happy Anniversary! The end of August is our 23rd anniversary. Plenty of bumps and bruises along the way. A lot of hard work... tears... and struggles, but God has brought us through... and perhaps better than ever. And I pray that for you, too.

ocean mommy said...

Happy Anniversary! God is so good isn't He!

Praying that this year you two fall more in love w/ each other than ever before!

Prayers and Hugs,

Betsy said...

happy anniversary! Love the photo! :)

twinkle said...

Love and prayers! Sweet memory of new love, holy words of divine Love. He pours out more grace.

That is one blessed man you have, Lora. May you both hold on tightly to each other and to God.

Ginger said...

Happy Anniversary! Through life's challenges, He is faithful; how well we can relate.
I've missed you; glad you're back.

jennspeacornpopnuts.com said...

What a wonderful photo - I hope you're doing better ...struggles are just that . . . sometimes so painful and frustrating. I keep thinking about Israel's instructions (and the instructions to us as well) . . . when you meet those obstacles, that's where we need to cry out to h Lord. That's where He meets us. These days are difficult . . . much going on in our world. I hope I can cry out to Him in all things. Drop by when you can . . . I have email too if you so desire. Love and Hugs, Jenn (I'm working from a different blog provider).

Betsy said...

Lora ~ I just got a nice big gift basket order from a company in Colorado and I hear that you recommended me! THANK YOU!!! I appreciate that so much, dear! You are so sweet to think of my little business.

Now...gotta go get busy! ha....

Shelli Littleton said...

Lora, had to check out your blog! I love it. Congratulations on your anniversary. My husband and I just went 25 years in December ... proof that all things are possible thru Christ! Let's do 25 more! And have a blast along the way! God bless you and your family.

Jenn said...

Just thinking about you.

Jenn said...

Me again, just checking in.
Hang in there!
God doesn't leave us .... ever.
Studying Beth Moore's Stepping Up, and the 123d Psalm - keeping our eyes on our Father - cuz He knows what we go through, how we'll fare and He'll give us peace we can't have any other way.
Take care! Jenn

Michelle Bentham said...

Happy Anniversary sweet friend! It's good to see you back posting testimony and pictures! Bless you. :)