Sep 17, 2010

Standing on our bridges

I've decided, we live in an area with the most beautiful views.
On the way home the other night, we stopped on a beautiful old steel truss bridge to take this picture. The bridge is a two lane, but it is a very snug two lane. It's the kind that I find myself holding my breath if another car going the opposite direction passes. We were the only car on the bridge when I started snapping pictures and Victoria alerted me when another car was waiting to get on the bridge to cross.

Our lives have changed drastically in the past six years. I never dreamed we would move from our historic home in the hub of town near the Salesman's parents and brother to the wide open unincorporated area we are now calling home. But, without a doubt, the LORD moved us to a very rural, beautiful place and the move has been the best *thing* ever for our family.

To say that country life is a little different from the city living is an understatement. The Salesman used to get frustrated with waiting three times to get through a stoplight to cross an intersection (on a Saturday morning!), to the patient traveler waiting to go the opposite way on the old bridge, while I hang my camera out the window to snap up the lovely views. God is good. And although I've been somewhat slow in fully appreciating where we are, It's good to be home. It's good to be in a home knowing that the LORD has you exactly where you are for such a time as this.

Sometimes I look at life and think I want to stay grounded. Never to be uprooted from where I am, or what I like, or what I'm familiar with. And then I realize as I travel the pilgrim pathway, following my road map that always brings me safely back to what I know, He has bridges before me. Bridges to take me to new things He is doing. Bridges that will move me from the common to His uncommon. Bridges that will train me, soften my sharp edges and lead me closer to Him. Bridges that I would not have chosen to cross.

But today, I am glad He moved me. I am thankful to HIM that He has me just where He wants me. He is in control. The glory of HIS creation is amazing even when crossing bridges.

He is standing on my bridges. And dear one, whatever your bridge is today, He is standing on your bridge too.

He is standing on our bridges.