Jun 20, 2010


Bridesmaid dress worn in my best friend's wedding circa 1990 and found tucked away in a closet...
The vision of one creative little lady to take it apart and make something new...
With sunlight spilling over her as she fashions a pattern from another skirt...
We are now enjoying the flowers inside and out...
Take what is old and hanging unworn in the closet of my life,
And with Your creative Spirit, and the brightly shining example of Your Son,
Bring it back to life.
Guard me from always seeking something new when You have already given me so very much,
Use what I've already been given LORD; I purposefully move out and surrender all to Your heavenly touch.
Utilize what I already have LORD, even if the eternal purpose seems hidden from my daily sight,
Take what You've given LORD and make all that is within me pure, good, useful and right.
As You remove from me every unnecessary stitch and seam
Awaken within my heart, Your God-given and my tucked away dreams.
Let me be aware of Your hidden potential in me -
Bring Your will forth Dear Father and allow me to truly see.
LORD, unto You, please fashion all of my days,
As a daily, an hourly, garment of praise.


Kelly S. said...

Again astounded by your wording, and encouraged by your heart for God.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Beautiful, Lora!


Georgia Jan said...

Lora - I needed this word tonight. I love you - and your words on the LPM blog touched my heart - and Beth's as well. Thank you for ministering to us with your gifts of poetry and prose.

Your friend,

I need to come see you!

Betsy said...

What a wonderful idea! I need to go through my closet!

sister sheri said...

How creative! and it reminds me of when I did Me, Myself & Lies... and it talked about our thought closets... thank you for sharing your gifts..

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I picked up your comments on my post today --- before I deleted all my posts! I'm reworking things on my blog. I'm culling out and trying to get to a manageable blog style (including following) and I so love following your blog. Thanks, Jenn.

Bev Brandon said...

How precious Lora. I read your comment on LPM---so heartfelt. And I see Henry Blackaby has touched your heart. He's a man God used in my husband's life in Canada back in the early 70's. We even talked about him this very father's day!

You are a very loved woman!
And I have got to go to bed!!! :)

fuzzytop said...

This is beautiful! I love how you see His hand at work, all around you and in all things. That is a blessing!

Love you,

Sandy said...

Your Prayer Poetry is absolutely beautiful and speaks to my heart! Thank you for yor comments to me. I already had the LPM blog up to read more comments. Now, I have to go SEARCH for yours! If you can give me any help in knowing where to look, that would be great! Have a great week!

Kate said...

I love your heart! You always encourage me.

Sandy said...

Searched all the way through, and found the beautiful post on the LPM blog!

sbaby58 said...

You astound me with your words each time I read your posts! Thank you so much for your servant's heart and willingness to let God's love flow through you.

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement.

Yolanda said...


Thanking God for you today.

With love,

Emmy said...

Wow! Lora! You are precious and gifted! Love you! I want to come visit you too! : )

Cindy said...

Lora, another beautiful poem. Praying that today you will experience a very blessed birthday.

covnitkepr1 said...

I believe prayers like that warm the heart of God.
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