Jun 20, 2010


Bridesmaid dress worn in my best friend's wedding circa 1990 and found tucked away in a closet...
The vision of one creative little lady to take it apart and make something new...
With sunlight spilling over her as she fashions a pattern from another skirt...
We are now enjoying the flowers inside and out...
Take what is old and hanging unworn in the closet of my life,
And with Your creative Spirit, and the brightly shining example of Your Son,
Bring it back to life.
Guard me from always seeking something new when You have already given me so very much,
Use what I've already been given LORD; I purposefully move out and surrender all to Your heavenly touch.
Utilize what I already have LORD, even if the eternal purpose seems hidden from my daily sight,
Take what You've given LORD and make all that is within me pure, good, useful and right.
As You remove from me every unnecessary stitch and seam
Awaken within my heart, Your God-given and my tucked away dreams.
Let me be aware of Your hidden potential in me -
Bring Your will forth Dear Father and allow me to truly see.
LORD, unto You, please fashion all of my days,
As a daily, an hourly, garment of praise.

Jun 4, 2010

Over the mountain

As we headed over the mountain to visit friends, I thought about how much life and the walk of faith was like this little jaunt over the mountain. God, the Creator, designed a path for us to follow. Sometimes on that path, it seems there is a mountain in the way. I've been reflecting a bit about a song we've been singing in worship that says "He can move the mountains". I believe that He can. Many times, God walks with me over the mountains of life. Maybe that's God's way of moving the mountain for me - putting it behind me instead of in front of me! We all have our own personal mountain to climb and yours is probably very different than mine.

As we drove, we could not always see over the bend at the top of each hill to see what was ahead.
But I hear His Spirit softly speak, "No need to be filled with anxiety or dread."

As the roads curve and then unravel,
With not another vehicle in sight, I feel like I'm alone on my travels.

The markers and boundaries are very clear and evident at times.

At others, the climb is all uphill and the direction appears to have no reason or rhyme.

Some paths are unpaved and unmarked along the way
And, I'm convinced, they keep me fully dependent on Him day by day.

I know as we travel, the LORD protects us from very present danger
His boundaries protect with love, not rules set out of fear and anger

Life is full of His glory and majesty evidenced in people, frogs and flowers,

The creative genius in everything displayed gives evidence to His Higher Power.

I am thankful to the Father, the Spirit, and Jesus, that we are not alone.

I'm thankful for my personal mountain and for those I dearly love at home.

So even when the bin I'm tending appears to hold no prize,

I'll keep running toward Him who thinks I am the apple of His eye.

I won't get sidetracked and give up and just play

I'll take each determined step He leads along the way.

Though some days the work seems downright dirty and no fun

Feelings are wounded and my thoughts undone

I won't be discouraged by the roadblocks and fences I see,

I'll look at them as loving guard rails sent tenderly from My Father to me

The view from the top of the mountain, even on a cloudy day,
Is more magnificent, I'd say.

He can move the mountains!

With thanksgiving to Victoria for taking many of the pictures as we traveled over the mountain.