May 9, 2010

Flowers and birds

There was a little theme with the Mother's Day celebration this year - birds and
Many flowers are blooming in the garden on the big hill...
The intricate beauty of God's handiwork is evident everywhere.
Abundant blooms on Audra's rose bush,
Opening in various stages of beauty.
The delicate irises
Colorfully proclaiming,
"The whole earth is full of His glory!"
From the cascading rose blooms overhead on the Lady Banks
To the azalea's tucked near the borders,
I am thankful for the sweet memories I have of my mother and for the precious women who are mother figures to me - Linda, Jan, and Tammy. I thank the LORD for you. You have sown seeds of faith and love into my life. Happy Mother's Day to you all.
Audra Elizabeth and Victoria Leigh, you are the most beautiful gifts the LORD could ever share with me.

As your mother, I am blessed.
Our days are not always perfect; but with Him we can pass each and every test.
May you, my little flowers, continue to bloom and grow -
His wisdom and knowledge, may you seek in your hearts and fully know.

You are beautiful young ladies, fragrant blooms of the KING.
May He give you your hearts desires, and to Him may your hearts sing.
May you be a reflection of His mercy and grace.
May the center of His will be your desire for each step and place.

Thank you today for a lovely celebration that included one of my favorite chocolate cakes!
Your planning and the preparation from hearts of love you baked,
I am blessed by your actions, your gifts and your time.
I'm so thankful to the LORD, that for this season, to me He has loaned you,
Gifts sublime.