Mar 21, 2010

Ode to the daffodil

As the green stems have proudly pushed way through the dirt, I've been a wee bit impatient about seeing the color crown the stems. And sure enough as I stood looking intently at the soon to be unwrapped daffodils in the garden, I started to think about other *things* going on in my life. Maybe you can relate, or fill in the blank:

Why don't I understand _____?
Why don't I have an answer about _______?
What is going on with me and this situation with _____?

I've been a wee bit impatient, too. I'm focused on what I think the will of Lora should look like if I could have *things* my way. I feel like a child in a forty-something body. Waiting is hard for me as I cross my arms and tap my foot. It has a way of making my life come to a standstill. So, as the LORD would have it, he taught me a lesson today from the daffodil. After I looked intently on the tightly wrapped bonnets of the daffodil, I could hardly make it back inside the door before I heard the LORD speaking to my heart.

I've been wondering for days when you will unwrap your bonnet
Just dreaming about your simple beauty provokes a sonnet
Your green dress so long, and slim and sleek
But of your yellow tresses, impatiently and child-like, I want a peek
LORD for some *things* I'm so eager as I wait
Wanting my plans, my ways to germinate
Oh daffodil, oh daffodil
Bloom please at our cozy house on the big hill
Do not be bashful and do not play coy
Do not taunt me like a child with a prized toy
Unwrap your bonnet
So I may stop writing this sonnet
And enjoy the beauty of your yellow cap
With heart elated, then I'll sing and clap

God, You are an incredibly amazing Creator indeed
Your genius displayed in hybrid form from tiny bulbs and swelling seed
Oh, how hard Father it is for me to wait
But guaranteed, in my heart I know, You GOD, are never late
Sew into my heart the lesson of the daffodil
Fertilize and water my soul here on our big hill
May I rejoice today before the bonnet is to be displayed
Knowing GOD's timing is impeccable each and every day
May I see that waiting is such a necessary part
Of the work You are doing in and through my heart
Help me LORD as some seasons seem so very long
To continually praise and sing Your song

Before I see the trumpet of petals surround
Today LORD, Your glory, in my heart abounds
A lesson LORD from your astonishing creation
Sings my heart to You alone in jubilation
Cultivate this clay and loamy soil of my heart
To display the words You give, my blessed art
Bless you LORD, for the lovely green dress and tightly wrapped bonnet
Thank You for the thoughts of my heart that have been poured out like a sonnet
Let me not be distracted by what's not been revealed or unwrapped
And keep my wandering mind out of any of the enemies deceitful traps
Let me bask in the warmth of Your Son today
And patiently wait and do every thing Your way

Expectantly until Your kingdom will unfolds
Let my thoughts, my heart, my mind, only You behold.

Totally aside; but on my heart, so kindly bear with me.
It rhymes sometimes when I hear Him speak to my heart. I've been a little ashamed at times. No one has said anything to me, this is just the overflow of my heart about the lies I sometimes believe and the insecurity the enemy would have me live and move and breathe in. Today, I've decided to no longer worry what anyone may think or even if they label me a geek. It just rhymes sometimes when I hear Him speak. So in freedom and seeking no adulation, I say, "I'm not ashamed, all praise be to His Name."


Cindy said...

I love your poetry and I love that God speaks to you in rhymes!

Thank you for this post! Robert and I have been waiting on something for several years. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will happen in God's time, but it is hard to wait, especially for so long. Thank you for reminding me to be patient.

sister sheri said...

Lora! This is just beautiful. Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing this... I love the photos... and the words... and especially the rhyming. I have a couple poems I haven't posted yet... I think I need to get past my insecurity, too!

Wonderful, wonderful!

B His Girl said...

This is an amazing post unfolding before our eyes. I am wow'd at the word pictures you created by His spirit. Yesterday I read about God unfolding the meaning of words spoken to a person in ministry I know. He was on a mountain with a pile of rocks! I am waiting for the unfolding now. Your words and pictures were timely. Still remembering your bird book of scripture: ) Keep sharing what God shows you. It is beautiful! The fragrance lingers after the reading of the post. Blessing in the Garden, B

Deborah Ann said...

You are truly blossoming in the Lord! Your poem is heavenly...

fuzzytop said...

Beautiful poem Lora!


Beth in NC said...

That is beautiful Lora. And thank you for the encouragement on my blog today.

Bless you & hugs!

Georgia Jan said...

Lora - you have blessed my heart way down deep this morning...

We are such kindred hearts. I love your gifts of gardening and writing!

Can't wait to see you next month at the "So Long Insecurity" Conference!

Love Much,

Isaiah will be like a well-watered garden

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Continue your "bloom" just as he intends and worry not about what the world may think. You are beautiful to him... as lovely as the daffodil.

Light and life. The resurrection season of our souls.


LisaShaw said...

Oh that dirty devil who is always speaking lies!! You write with a beautiful heart of love for the LORD and one which is transparent and caring.

I love the "will of Lora looks like" wording that you said. Isn't it like us at times to think about what we'd like or what we know or don't know and what we don't understand etc...

You are a precious and beautiful person and He radiates through you. Keep trusting Him through it all as we all must do.

I love you and thank you for sharing your heart with us.

twinkle said...

Lora, are you sure He's not singing you a song?

I don't think you're a geek or weird. I think we are kindred spirits.

Last night I walked outside troubled about some intercessory prayer needs. The wind was blowing through the trees and the clouds were that glorious midnight blue with an odd glimmer to them. Glorious.

I sang to him here in my woods. In my pain. In my concern for those who are looking at death's door. I found myself just bowing to Him on my knees in prayer. Outloud. That's when I heard this deep, low moan of the wind blowing. It gave me goosebumps.

Deep calling unto deep.

He longs for us just as much as we long for Him.

But in the Father's Perfect Time. Just like the daffodil.

Lora said...

Blessed. I am truly blessed by your kind and encouraging words. The fragrance of your words is sweet to my soul.

Twinkle, I had chills as I read your comment. Deep calling to deep. I will seek the LORD with the question you posed.

Joy said...

But guaranteed, in my heart I know, You GOD, are never late

Yes, God has perfect timing.

© Jennifer Raley said...

Wonderful. I didn't notice it rhyming and not rhyming. Wonderful message. Thank you. (Also, thank you for stopping by my blog recently.) I'm so glad to be back to reading and "fellowshipping" by blogs. I didn't realize how much I had missed it. Wow. Thanks again! Jenn <><

Ginger said...

I love your poems in every form, and I agree with Twinkle that the Lord is sharing His songs with you! Thanks so much for your sweet words and prayers over my way. Waiting is so very challenging; I immediately thought of a story about a child ripping into a flower bud impatiently and, of course, destroying the bloom. His timing is perfect.

Tea With Tiffany said...

Stopping by to wish you and yours a glorious Easter. Thanks for your comment on my blog not too long back.

Luanne said...

Lora--loved your daffodil post. I am so impatient, too. Oh--and there is so much grace in the waiting, if only I allow myself to wait on Him. I posted about the lessons He taught me concerning my daffodils tonight, too!


LisaShaw said...

Thinking of you tonight. Asking GOD for a double outpouring of His presence and peace for you and your family. Love you.

Holly said...

Pretty! Those photos are awesome! :)

© Jennifer Raley said...

I've not been by in a while and see that you've been away as well. Hope all is well. Take care. Jenn

Lora said...

The kind words you have all shared are like watered seeds in the soil of my heart. I praise Him for you.

Deborah Ann said...

Hi Lora, thanks for joining my blog. I returned the favor.

I'm a rhymer too! I never gave it much thought, but it has to be a God thing!

Love your poem, and I share your excitement at flowers blooming...

I battled with insecurity all my life, until the past few years. God allowed me to feel how much He loves me, and that changed me. You're right in not worrying about what anyone thinks, God is the only One who matters!