Mar 15, 2010

Alive in me

Recently, I brought home a *new* copy of the Word. I am excited.
LORD, may I progressively become more intimately acquainted with Your Word
As I read this *new* copy, allow Your Voice to be heard
LORD, I long for Your Word to be truly alive in me
More of You, Sweet LORD, I long to experience and see

Let me listen, LORD, to only Your voice
Let Your Word, Your Spirit, Your Way, be my first choice
May Your Words Father, in me come alive
And help me to grow and flourish and not just thrive

May the people I know, the company I keep
Know LORD, that in Your Word, I've been steeped
Let my heart not wander from Your Words today
Keep me LORD abiding in You each day

Your God-breathed written Word is more than two thousand years old
Let my heart to Your Words be warm and receiving, not neglecting and cold
I want Your Words to be alive in me
Allow me as I read, more of You to experience and see


Andrea said...

Beautiful Bible..Beautiful WORD...Beautiful thoughts!!

Blessings, andrea

Yolanda said...

WOW, I love your new bible! ! !

And your heart, as you are absolutely precious and a true gem.


Kelly S. said...

This made my day. I have a new study bible. Well, its one year old, but there are times when I turn to an unfamiliar passage and know that is the first time I am reading that page.....I get so excited.

Are we nerds? maybe LOL

I am really looking forward to seeing you next week, I have a special prayer request. Love you

Enjoy your new "friend"...May we treasure the wonder!

Kelly S. said...

the poem was beautiful :)

Cindy said...

Lora, your poem was beautiful! I love your new Bible. I have a new study Bible and I am enjoying it so much, gleaning new treasures from His precious Word. Don't you just love, opening a new Bible, the feel of the pages, the smell of the pages, His Holy Word come to life?

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Oh Lora, I know the feeling of having a new Bible. Mixed emotions for me, in fact. I know that I will miss my old one, for it has traveled with me many miles. However, I love the anticipation of what the Lord will teach me as I dive into a new copy of His Word.

Beautiful post.


fuzzytop said...


I loved your poem, especially these lines: "Let me listen, LORD, to only Your voice
Let Your Word, Your Spirit, Your Way, be my first choice..."


I have a new Bible - NASB but I can't seem to put away my parallel KJV/NIV Bible and start using the new one. I've had this parallel Bible for ~15 years, the cover is falling off, but I have scribbled so many notes in it, and highlighted so many things, that I just don't want to stop using it.

Love and hugs,

Ginger said...

Beautiful "new" word; may new revelation leap from its pages into your heart! My old Bible is starting to get worn, but I dread getting replacing it because it has such sweet memories attached to it!

Lora said...

Yes Kelly, we are nerds! Looking forward to seeing you and praying together too!

Leah, I so agree with your "traveled so many miles comment" - yes! I've been considering this new Bible for 14 months! I so love my *old* copy of the Word that I've had since January of 2001 - so many memories and so many notes and so many tear stained pages. God's timing is so good though - this new treasure that I wanted and had spent 14 months considering - Lifeway marked it down 20% and then I had a 30% off coupon to use - 50% off - God is good! I'm still using them both. I'm loving reading the new and then looking back in my *old* one to see what I'd written or marked on a page.

twinkle said...

I am really missing you! It was nice to see you had posted...and what a beautiful new Bible! Enjoy it, savor it, embrace it, but most of all...READ IT!!!

Those pictures from your trip to visit your brother are gorgeous! I love the one with the stain-glass reflecting on the floor of the church.

We need to go on another plane ride.

sister sheri said...

I love this post! And your new Bible is beautiful! I just bought a new one at the beginning of this year... and I am so glad I did! I'm tracking my Bible reading through it this year.

Fairy Footprints said...

Oh the bible is beautiful, what a wonderful find.

Thanks for not giving up on me and stopping by for a visit.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Betsy said...

Love the stitching and pink leather! And the picture of the new pages still sticking together! :) I always love how a new translation grabs your attention on verses where your eye barely falls on the words because you know them from memory in the old one. Enjoy!

© Jennifer Raley said...

Amen. The other day, I noticed my Bible was dusty. We've been sick and busy and it was gathering dust. Boy, I miss it when I don't read. It's mysterious how God works through His Word. Awesome. Amazing.

Thanks - Jenn <><

lisasmith said...

This Bible is gorgeous!!! What type is it?? I want one!
How I've missed your fresh air, Lora. It's good to be back around and I thank you for your prayers. love, lisa xoxo

prashant said...

I loved your poem, especially these lines: "Let me listen, LORD, to only Your voice
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