Jan 29, 2010

Living Proof Ministries

From the lovely lamp lights,
To the towering trees,
Our visit to the grounds of Living Proof Ministries,
Proved a calm and peaceful place to be.
A ministry firmly founded upon The Rock,
Servant hearts knit together like birds of a flock.
As I reflect, God bids, "Come to Me and sit a while,
As sweet Siestas gather from across the miles.
Dear one, as you look up toward My eyes,
You'll find Me, the gold, the green, The Prize.
So, as along the pilgrim path you go,
To My Word and My Spirit, cling and grow.
I will give you light for the very next step,
Filled with My Spirit, you'll find happiness, joy and pep.
I am The God who does new things.
Creation around Me gloriously sings.
You may feel the path is so different, so varied,
And the obstacles looming so very great.
Come on in, I bid, open the gate
Time is ripe. I'm ready for you, don't hesitate.
As you see the seasons of life change,
I know your path, the now, the near, and the long range.
Darlin' bend your knee in prayer and total submission to Me,
Then, the so much more of Me, you will experience and see."

With thanksgiving to talented Nesha for graciously sharing the last picture.


Tami said...

So glad you included the last picture. I wasn't there in person, but I have prayed countless times for this ministry.

I think you captured the heart of a lot of women when you took that picture.

fuzzytop said...

This is so beautiful Lora!

Luv2Praise said...

Lora, I must say how I love your heart for the Lord. I too am a very visual person, and musical. When I see things they just touch my heart. This post is absolutely beautiful. Love the poetry. God surely granted you the gift of the Arts. Thanks for sharing it. I will have to make you one of my regular posts to follow. I thank the Lord for leading me to it.

Your Siesta in Christ, Lori

Kelly S. said...

THIS GAVE ME CHILLS. The pictures are beautiful. Even though I saw most of the same things with my own eyes, I missed so many of the details you captured. WOW And your poetry...beautiful and perfectly written to express that day :) Praising God HE held this snow storm to this weekend and not last!!

ps."In Jesus Name, Amen...(don't move)" LOL

Betsy said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and a beautiful place!

Yolanda said...

So beautiful, thank you Lora for sharing this with us, causing my heart to beat with joy once more.


PS: Please tell Neesha, I said hello.

Leslie Young said...

How beautiful! What a precious gift! Thanks for sharing this!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What a wonderful post. Thanks for the tour, Lora!! Wish I could have been there.


Anonymous said...

that was a real blessing
thank you

Sandy said...

Lora, How beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

B His Girl said...

want to hear MORE and Moore b

Lora said...

My heart is so full (actually overflowing I believe) after the adventure in Houston. Your gracious words of encouragement bless me. The whole earth is full of His glory, telling of His amazing story!

There are more and Moore posts coming!

Carol said...


This is absolutely beautiful. The pictures along with your poetry just take your breath away. It was a wonderful weekend and I so wish that I had gotten to meet you. Thanks for sharing these with us.

The Lord has truly done great things for us and we are filled with joy.

UL Cards Fan said...

Thank you for taking me "with you" through these beautiful pictures and wonderful words.
The SSMT Celebration is still bringing me to tears of JOY.

Lexington KY

bethany said...

Utterly beautiful!
We did not get to visit the grounds of LPM but the thought crossed my mind.
Your post makes me feel like I was there too.
Bethany in CA.

Emmy said...

Oh I loved this! Especially the pic of y'all praying! Makes me want to fall on my knees in Thanksgiving to God for LPM too! I think I will now!

Love you! Emmy

Marla Taviano said...

Beautiful poem. Love the part about "pilgrim path." And love that last pic!

ocean mommy said...

Beautiful! This brings tears...especially that last photo of you all praying....SO powerful. :)


Cindy said...

Beautiful poetry Lora! Wish I could have been there. Looking forward to seeing you in Woodstock in April.

valerie said...

Great pictures Lora. That last one is great!

We briefly visited the LPM office too and took just a couple of shots. Makes me wish now that we had walked around a bit.

Lovely & you share so beautifully with your poetic words.

Ginger said...

Beautiful! I thought of you often over your weekend in Houston.

Carla Gade said...

This is such a lovely way to share Godly inspiration. Thanks for sharing it! So touched.