Jun 24, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Sixteen

Someone very, very dear to our hearts, turned sweet sixteen this last week... Our resident budding Betty Crocker, baked Audra's requested Raspberry Laced Vanilla Cake.
And it was scrumptious...Her meal choice was Meaty Cheesy Manicotti and it was sixteen kinds of wonderful.
I picked flowers from the garden and our country roadside, Found sixteen pink candles, And stood for a while admiring the beauty of the Lord's creation in the hydrangea's,And thinking of His goodness in Audra Elizabeth's life.

And finally started arranging flowers for a sweet sixteen celebration.
Dearest Lord and Giver of every good gift,
Thank you for this darlin' "child of mine"
Help me remember that Audra is Yours, totally Thine
Thank you Lord for sixteen wonderfully blessed years
Sprinkle her path with joy after seasons of tears
Guide her Lord each and every hour
Protect her Lord, especially as she drives, with Your almighty power
May we praise You continually as the candles flare and we joyfully sing
She is Yours Lord, be her every thing
Be more than the delicious icing on her cake
Give her wisdom and discernment to choose the real, to weed out the fake
Continue to pour out on Your songs, words and melodies on this dear writer's heart
And when it comes time for her to live out Your intended purpose, give her a lovely start
Thank You Lord for sixteen years,
She is lovely, so very dear
So I give her back to You each day
Have Your will, Keep her in Your way
Guide her Lord, give her wisdom beyond her sixteen years
May everything she holds close be gifts of all You hold dear
We believe she's a beautiful gift, a lovely, equisite flower
Let her live be lived extraordinary, by Your Spirit and mighty, all surpassing power
Give her everything she needs for her life's work to do
Let her be firmly planted and rooted alone in You
Let her blooms and fragrance be evidence of Your amazing grace
Give her the will, the strength and the courage to run Your intended race
And allow her to finish well
Your goodness Your glory, Your story to tell
Lord, allow her to finish well
Once a wee little bundle; but now sixteen, is still our Baby Girl
Life this summer seems so busy, like we are on a tilt-a-whirl
Make every day count for Your kingdom and Your glory
Thank You Lord for Audra Elizabeth and that You have already written her life's story
May she always and forever reflect Your kingdom and Your glory.

Jun 6, 2009

A Little Bit of Work and Much Pleasure

I set out to re-seed a few bare areas in the yard this last week.And was a little sidetracked by the purple cone flowers,The hydrangea flower head's starting to form and bloom,And this happy little flower.The Smoky Fennel has grown quite a bit this year.This herb has very feathery foliage.The green stalks remind me of celery.
A little bit of pink in the garden is always good.Then I got back to the re-seedingand spreading the hay. When I was done, I checked the progress of our little city garden in the country.
Victoria Leigh planted Cilantro to have it easily accessible for the Salsa Fresca.
Her squash and zucchini bin looks good.
Onions. Onions. And more onions.
We picked four different varieties of tomatoes this year.

And two different varieties of peppers.

Do you enjoy gardening?

Jun 2, 2009

A Far Away Friend

This last year a dear lady friend of ours went back to the mission field after a few months medical leave. To not compromise her work in the area she is in, I'm not at liberty to share her name or her location or any of the pictures we have. While she was home in the states, the children and I formed a very sweet and strong bond of friendship with her. We spent many nights gathered around the piano as she would play and sing songs she's written - she is so very talented. And she would ask the teens to join in once they'd have the tune and they would sing along and play guitar some. After a good meal, we would gather around scrap booking supplies and she'd inspire us to design the most beautiful cards. We'd play games and talk and laugh late into the night. She'd challenge us to go on new adventures. Taking a trip with her was so much fun because we would stop (at some spot that we would have passed on the road many times) and we would explore and would fall in love with the beauty of our Lord's creation again at a previously undiscovered place. We would talk about our relationship with our Lord, pray together, laugh and cry together. We took walks together, she took the teens canoeing when she took her niece canoeing, took them out for treats and spent time listening and loving.
This last weekend, it was music recital time.And last year, our now Far-Away Friend went with us. I was missing her dearly. We were sad to see her go, but rejoiced that she was doing what the Lord called her to do. Today a package came in the mail from her. Our *Far Away Friend* sent pictures and bookmarks that she had made. Just last night I started reading "And First We Have Coffee" by Margaret Jensen and when my eyes got to heavy to continue reading, I put a sheet from my note pad in the book because I had used all the bookmarks in my nightstand. God is so good! And here are some bracelets she sent us for Mother's Day. Audra's, Victoria Leigh'sAnd my selection.This year the teens played their piano and violin selections for recital as usual. And then, Audra ventured into a new area by her teacher's request. New *things* keep coming into our lives and I want to be more aware of these new *things* and not miss anything the LORD has for us. The Lord is obviously also ending some *things* in our lives too. The music teacher asked Audra to choreograph "The Cat and The Mouse". After several rehearsals and hard work,They performed splendidly!
The cat found her claws at a garage sale for a few coins!
Here's a picture of Audra (the choreographer) with pianist, the mouse and cat and their music teacher.
Dear Lord,
You know how much I miss my *Far Away Friend*
And how very thankful I am for the packages she did send
Just when I needed an encouraging, friendly lift
From across the oceans came her sweet and so timely gift

Thank You Lord for my now *Far Away Friend*
And I thank you Lord that a friendship with You, never, on Your part, ends
You are always there, even when I feel alone because someone is gone for whom I deeply care
Let me focus on You, whom ALL my burdens did bear

Let me thank You for the Word and thank You for the cross
For a friend that gives up worldly goods and counts them as loss
Thank You that when I feel lonely and am missing a friend
You remind me that You are The Presence that is always with me to the end

Let me focus on the eternal and not the gaping friendship loss I feel and see
Things are going on in the heavenlies, that I do not know, that are much higher than me
So Lord, I praise You because even in this distance You've ordained, You are at work
Let me not be distracted by what I feel or see, Your will, in me, not to shirk

Let me be busy about Your kingdom agenda as You've intended
Let me see this departure as part of Your plan and see it as most splendid
Thank You Lord for the gifts from my Far Away Friend that were sweet music to my soul
But let me look to You alone, to fill me up, to complete me and make me whole

As my Far Away Friend plants the seeds of Your Word on foreign soil
Let her know that in You she labors and reward her hourly, vigilant toil
I ask for Your blessings, the richest heavenly kind
To be poured out, in full, on her spirit, body and mind.

In this time of an earthly friendship separation
Let Your Presence by my daily, hourly, needed declaration
Let me be aware of any and all things new
Let my heart beat in rhythm, not to others, but, alone to You. Amen.