Dec 12, 2009


My heart is on overflow to the LORD who showed up in a BIG way yesterday for Audra Elizabeth's surgery to remove the loose cartilage from her knee. The Dr. had NO explanation for the over a dozen pieces he removed. NO EXPLANATION. He could not find a donor site where the cartilage had come from. He even had his assistant look. He said her knee looked PERFECT - and he showed me 2 pages of colored pictures that proved his point and which also just confirmed the spiritual attack aspect we have been encountering. Leah, your comment from the last post, summed it up!

He also removed a non-cancerous nodule about the size of a sweet pea that he had not seen on the MRI - his words were "If this surgery was done to just remove the nodule, I'd consider it a blessing from the LORD." All I could say was "Praise HIS NAME."


I am still saying it - PRAISE HIS NAME!

I find I'm living in the abundant overflow of HIS mercy, grace and lovingkindness, not only today - but each and every day.

One of the earliest verses I put to memory was Romans 8:28. I could not help but think of His Truth again yesterday. He is soo good. I am so thankful to HIM for you. Thank you for joining us in prayer and praise! HE alone is worthy!

LORD, I'm living in and experiencing Your overflow
Your goodness, grace and mercy, I don't just feel, I know
We are surrounded by Your powerful and healing streams
Even when enemy attacks make us think we are in a bad dream
We are living, moving and breathing in Your overflow
And Precious Father, YOU are all I want to know
In good times or bad
Whether I feel happy or sad
More of YOU, in me, please overflow
More of YOU, I want to know
Thank you LORD for Your abundant overflow. Amen.

Cumberland Falls photo snapped by Audra Elizabeth last weekend.

Dec 9, 2009

Would you join me in prayer? And praise?

I come before you again, asking that we might join hands and hearts in prayer before the throne. This has been a difficult year in the area of physical health for Audra. Our darlin' oldest is scheduled for arthroscopic knee surgery this Friday at 1 P.M to have loose cartilage removed that has been causing pain and swelling in her right knee.

I remember when I read Beth Moore's post and could relate to feeling the heat of the spiritual battle around us and feeling like the enemy was targeting Audra's health.

The LORD has also been bringing thanksgiving to the forefront of my mind. Even in what seems a difficult encounter, He is asking me to praise Him. Would you join me in praising Him as well?
  • Praise that the MRI showed no damage to any major tendons or ligaments
  • Thanksgiving that x-rays showed no broken bones
  • Delight in a surgeon that is skilled in his specialty
  • Relief that insurance covers 100% after our deductible
  • Praise for His Word and His Spirit providing peace amidst the storm
  • Rejoicing we have a hospital nearby
  • Gratitude for the patient ladies at pre-registration
  • A pre-op nurse that has gone before us and answered all my questions
  • GOD is in control, no matter what HE has allowed
Many of my requests are the same from when Audra had dental surgery in October. Would you join me in praying for:
  • A well rested and focused doctor, anesthesiologist, nurse and assistants
  • A successful surgery
  • Peace - tonight, tomorrow, Friday, everyday
  • Knowing that the LORD is in control and acting like I believe HIM
  • Strength - Audra desires to be awake during the surgery
  • Safety while on the road
  • Power - Holy Spirit power and no interruption of electrical power during the surgery
  • A speedy and full recovery
  • That we would bring glory to HIS Name
  • That we would have hearts of thanksgiving to Him
  • Any other way the LORD might direct you to pray in this regard
Thank you kindly for joining us in prayer. "Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ." Ephesians 1:2

Smiling Audra Elizabeth in her room