Nov 7, 2009

Extra Credit

Audra is currently studying Shakespeare at a nearby college as part of a dual enrollment program (high school juniors and seniors get high school and college credit at the same time.) The professor assigned roles for the reading of A Midsummer Night's Dream and offered extra credit to students who would also dress in Athenian attire while they read. Audra wanted to participate. Thanks to a creative friend who gave me a picture to go by, we used what we had at home to make a quick and easy costume.
When folding laundry this week, I had moved a worn pillow case to beside the sewing machine to see if I could mend it's tear. Victoria Leigh has had this embroidered case since she was five years old. I usually don't keep track of when I purchase linens, but this was a sweet set that had a special memory attached. Victoria used this king size pillow case to cover her mat for nap time in kindergarten. Where have the years gone? Victoria is going to be fifteen next week! Oh, the sweet memories.With just a quick seam for a casing, I inserted the elastic and stitched a machine hem for Audra's skirt. I basted gold Christmas ribbon around the hem of one of my shirts, and folded and stitched another length of ribbon to make the corset shaped waist design. We added a gold ribbon band to her hair, a scarf from Victoria's closet and Audra's gladiator sandals. I snapped a picture as she headed down the college hall to class looking as lovely as a dream.
Simple, quick and extra credit!


Andrea said...

The dress is so pretty! You are very creative! I bet the class is very interesting, and what fun, getting extra credit for dressing so beautfully!

Have wonderful Sunday! God bless.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You win the cool mom prize this week! I might have won it a couple of weeks ago when my college-age son came home to do a poster to go with an upcoming speech. Hard to believe they're still requiring posters in college. Anyway, his last poster earned him 12 points off because his teacher told him "it looks like a 5th grader did this." Needless to say, mom was still wearing her cut and paste hat that weekend, and I'm proud to report we earned a better grade with the next speech.

Better not put that sewing machine away when she goes to college. You never know when extra credit will require it! Thanks for checking in.


B His Girl said...

You have the gift of adding an extra something to make a moment special. I know this is true about you. Lovely! B

LisaShaw said...

I have to agree with the ladies above! What a blessing you are. Love ya.